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  1. hello guyes im using trunk porject but editing chat sicrpt here not like in l2sunrise i wonder if anyone know the bath cuz i didn't find anything im trying to fix some language becuase in some cases the text written reversed ( in showing items , in the tittle , in the announcement ) if anyone know let me know cuz i tried to connect the say2 file from the sunrise project to trunk project by adding extra import lines
  2. so no one couldn't help ? i tried all decoding / deycrpting programes / l2file edits i tried getting a clean one but it just don't work with my cilent or my server what is the problem with this file ? i just needed to replace one name that's all!
  3. Hello, can someone decode this file for me so I can edit it using the l2 file edit thank you very much http://www.mediafire.com/file/sg1zk497au27coh/itemname-e.dat/file