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  1. I mean we don't have access to see the initial one
  2. Well, editing your post was a mistake, it should get removed though if it was a spam reply/toxic behavior or something like this. Unfortunately, global mods don't have access to edited posts. I can express my humble opinion only about this though, the rest can only be evaluated by admin or co.
  3. clientpackets#RequestRestart.java (path in almost every pack) has pretty much what you need.
  4. There is an error marker on the left, just click and read the hover out of this. Also do not create 100 topics related to the same request.
  5. This is not a fix, you should avoid parsing data with every getInstance() call which you already did and parse data once in a private constructor. Reload method should be called on admin commands/bypasses. Anyway, i'm locking this topic since you feel satisfied with this solution. In case you want to unlock send me a dm.
  6. config/server.properties -> ServerBypassTime, although it's default value is 500ms
  7. Your assumption is reasonable but this still remains a client problem. If you just copy pasted this from another server then you are probably missing some files (assuming that this specific interface works in other servers as you said). You have mentioned above that you use acis 382, although you edited your post like a million times. https://gitlab.com/Tryskell/acis_public/-/blob/master/aCis_gameserver/java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/serverpackets/CharInfo.java server already sends information to client about cp. So probably client doesn't read/handle these information properly.
  8. Npc bypasses won't work in community board.
  9. Moved to client section since this is a client issue. Although, i would suggest you not to use encrypted interfaces.
  10. You should either give information about your problem and ask for public support (consider mentioning your pack too) or create a marketplace topic.
  11. Busy month inc, i will not accept any services for couple of weeks, meanwhile i will finish some pending tasks.
  12. ++ Also you might have to check for new name size, and if it's already taken. Rewriting this using java would make you happier imho.
  13. Can you post your script here? Although consider writing a new one in java.
  14. As i said i am doing this very often, any of the moderators can confirm that. There is nothing personal on you or any other guy, i don't even know you actually, do i? Also, unfortunately i don't have access to deleted posts only Maxtor does, all i remember is one taylor swift gif and a meme for java classes or something. You are smart enough to understand that such comments should be avoided in share/contribute sections.
  15. It's my responsibility as a moderator to clean spam replies, i'm doing this (almost) on a daily basis. Any opinion is welcome as long as you don't offend someone (not only me ofcourse). Also, if you scroll up you can see that ReentrantLock is my suggestion based on the author's approach, i never said that i would use this instead of threadpool. According to author's approach is the fastest thread-safe solution (although i do know that the difference is waaaaaaay too small). Last but not least,my intention on deleting your replies was not bad, i hope that you are not offended.
  16. You will have to pay a shitload of money. Also, mxc is not the right place for this request
  17. Well being immature on this level is not a scam action. There is nothing we can do about it. On the other hand, if you can provide evidence that he used those chat logs on a fraud/illegal way we are going to ban him.
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