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  1. There are few new characters which are now in the stock for a fair price. For more information hit me a message. Other information is in the first message. Cheers.
  2. Cleaning my small warehouse: - Selling A grade sets (Tallum Heavy SOLD / DC Robe) - A Grade weps w/ and w/o SA (Mage / Destroyer) - SOLD - Adena - Characters (PM for details) Price is definitely cheaper than other lads here. PayPal Only. PM Me here.
  3. Introduction: I've been playing with Vanganth interlude L2OFF files ( from Megashare topic here in MaxCheaters, love and kudos to author of that topic ) recently. I've started testing server stuff on my own machine, on VMWare, managed to setup everything without problems, do some stuff with editing. Server had solid uptime. So I've decided to set a test environment on dedicated machine where I wouldn't have to leave my machine on all the time. Every single dedicated servers host offers Windows Server 2008 R2, whereas I was running Windows Server 2003 on my VM. Issue: On Windows Server 2003, everything seems to work fine. Auth, catched, l2server & l2npc all works just fine. I can turn on my PC, turn on VM and run everything right now. On the other hand, on my test environment, which runs on Windows Server 2008 R2, server usually crashing when starting NPC server, after 2k NPCs. Sometimes, but just sometimes, I have no idea how (coz I did like shitload of different changes to SQL & machine configuration itself), but I manage to run server up to stage where everything is loaded (I mean npcs and etc) without problems, but server crashes after 2 - 6 hours. I have no logs of that event anymore since I've reinstalled OS of my dedicated machine. Usually when something like that starts on CacheD. Questions: First. Is it even possible to run Interlude L2off server smoothly on Windows Server 2008R2, without issues? Second. Maybe some specific configuration on Windows is necessary? Third. Is it still possible to get dedicated server with WIndows Server 2003? Is WS2003 via KVM legit thing to do? Fourth. Would it work for live server if I get overkill machine with let's say 64gb ram and would set up Virtual Machine with most of resources allocated to it, and run server on it? Error files of crashes, when loading NPC: L2Server - L2NPc - Catched - Would appreciate some discussion & help without shitting on each other. Thanks in advance and if someone helps me, I will owe you a beer.
  4. Great support and amazing job guys. Eeven tho I miss some vital functions such as events or scripts, but generally speaking, they are doing great job developing this :) Cheers!
  5. How high do you need? Some people consider 35x as high rates. L2Spades 35x