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  1. the project it self is nice and administration very friendly they doing their best if admin has to give cash he gives those are his money he can do his money w/e he wants good luck
  2. please include full information on your topic otherwise it will be junked
  3. after many warnings seems people cannot understand how things are working if you wanna provide "Services" open a thread on marketplace with everything u sell so others can see what you are currently selling offering things like "add me skype or discord" are forbidden thanks
  4. he hide every information regarding this i will give u some time to return his money back.
  5. https://www.l2aqua.com/ (You can join and test everything that you need) - Skirmish - Aeron - Midrates - Interface ( https://community.l2aqua.com/t/l2aqua-interface/12) - Client - Videos (https://community.l2aqua.com/t/title-some-vids/107) H5 Files will be sold only to trusted members with enough high Reputation and known people Starting Price: 10.000 € (Files will be sold to 1 hand only bigger price will recieve everything) if you aren't interested do not PM/Reply here Thanks.
  6. Hello, please take a minute to read the rules and include prices on your topic.
  7. it depends on what kind of icons you are using most of icons just do not have backround image when u trying to drag it , it will display correctly on shortcut bar or inventory they are not like the official icons that lineage2 uses as example lets say u drag adenas on drag mode u see the adena icon most of custom icons that are on internet or shared missing backround texture
  8. it's not interface releated but user.ini
  9. can you provide some proofs via pm about this person topic will remain locked until proofs provided.
  10. i had this issue in the past clear browsing data if not resolved try reinstalling the chrome
  11. i can revive him so he bring the real drama
  12. if any client mod know how to fix this issue help this guy hes really unique now days @CriticalError @NevesOma
  13. Wish you good luck Mantoshi amazing project
  14. [RU] привет, можешь добавить цену? есть новые правила форума. [EN] Hello, please add price on your topic.