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  1. Hello, there i had no problem waiting you to deliver the last cash from my work i agreed waiting a few months since im honnest person on this community and i always wanted to have my customers happy on everything the sad part is, im not alone into this since i have a partner who works with me so it should be fixed between you me and him we wasted a lot of money adding protections fixing stuff and selling our product for a fair price for everyone it's not 1 day of job but lot of hours siting fixing listeling to our customers to fix bugs the version we provided was w/o bugs we even updated with new functions new stuff and made it totally clean and nice i understand that you lost your job but i cannot do anything we are all people and i trully understand the situation i'll wait some more until u find a solution it will be months year idk but it's bad since my partner is upset i even told him that you are trusted person and i still believe it so i will give you a chance fixing that problem i wont ban you since u never scammed someone on this community wish you good luck Cheers.
  2. only if theres a bypass it can work on this server and if you willing to waste cash for it.
  3. any previews of these websites i dont wanna download and check one by one :D nevermind thanks for the share will be useful for some people
  4. i will check it and let u know if security system is fixed
  5. Moved good luck with your server.
  6. theres also video about the new class https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMFBfuqw1XI&feature=emb_title
  7. there are no words about ave hes very professional and good on his job/work totally recommended!
  8. use l2endec and decrypt it unless it's encrypted with smartcrypt