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  1. Hello i need a little help here in my final contest with my prototype honda glx turbo i need just your like in facebook the picture with most like win the contest just like the photo here : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1828791640777850&set=pcb.795360093972285&type=3&theater a big thanks !!!!
  2. You pay in website and ingame put your paypal mail you pay before and if you alredy donate take the reward ingame
  3. Thanks yes we fix it alredy all be ok... is something on cached pakets :happyforever:
  4. Gracia Final X10 PTS server time - gmt +2 Main server rates: Exp/SP x10 Adena x4 SealStone x20 Drop chance х4, amount х1 Spoil chance х10, amount х1 RB Exp/Sp x10 (does not affect on Epic RB) RB Drop x1 (does not affect on Epic RB) Manor x1 Fame x1 Quest Exp/SP/Adena x4/4/3 Server Features 3 Client limit per PC Vote Reward system from the beggining Antibot & also antibot policy. Offlineshop .offline Class Change NPC 1st & 2nd class with adena or donation (100.000 adena, 500.000 adena respectively) + 3rd Class retail for some days Clanhall prices will be increased
  5. hello well the web panel i use is the demort cabinet check it here http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/200928-account-manager-%C2%A9demort
  6. hmmm thanks for your help and how that can be fixed is something on web panel config or ?? thanks for your help .....
  7. Hello i need some help for someone know about l2off vanganth files well the problem apear in cached console when i try to buy something for my website control panel
  8. Best files , best support and helpful guy all work fine with it.
  9. Trusted skilled and friendly guy .... I have already worked with him 2 times....
  10. Hello i want if someone have the auto donate system source with ingame comand .donate thanks
  11. sorry but i can't pay for sometheing like that :/
  12. Hello i want to sell my lineage 2 website full with psd domain + hosting the server never open live due no time ! i give also at the same prize mailer that allows sent unlimited mails only inbox .... work perfect for good server advertising and also facebook page with 2,8 k likes the website is : http://l2nereus.com the fb page is : https://www.facebook.com/l2nereus you can see the files and also the psd file before pay it i accept paypal payment prize is : 110 euro pm me here if you intresting ....
  13. hello i want to sell my exilium server accounts is full + chars with +20 wep - armor and full skills i sell also some donate items for prize and info just pm me for safe trade we can make the trade with midleman... buyer pay the fee