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  1. fix your preview images so we can see your worl, ill need you in the near future, gl
  2. L2JServer H5 Customized Server Files By L2jSunrise

  3.  L2JServer H5 Customized Server Files By L2jSunrise

  4. how could nevermore missing from such a topic any one to point out, how trash sunrise is? we can start new topic about it
  5. You are totally right. The intention behind this post's, is to prove that we are still active, while on the same time keep the "changes" in private. We are not an open source project afterall. Welcome back btw
  6. Many ppl request new buffer that is implemented in rus projects Here it is for free, enjoy!! To get it, simply update to the latest version. More to come, stay tuned!
  7. The well-known, auto farm system is now available for l2jsunrise. A must feature for low-mid rate servers. More at -> https://www.l2jsunrise.com/autofarm-server-bot-for-l2jsunrise/
  8. 1080 revision just released [*]Fixed some encoding issues [*]Fixed some geoengine typos [*]Implement more methods [*]Sync some scripts with l2j [*]Improve some sql querries faster loads – reloads [*]Fixed potions and consumables couldn’t be used while sitting [*]Update GeoEgine return wrong z values [*]Fixed possible stack over flow [*]Fixed critical some skills cannot be casted [*]Fixed shadow step, must remove target at any cost [*]Remove invalid codes [*]Missing checks avoid some calls if status is not in proper condition [*]Fixed some event engine errors
  9. about the rest? all of them r using fake votes?
  10. you might be right, your opinion is acceptable yet without any argument I'll prefer to stick to facts the red marked server's are using our server files while i am not sure about l2redarrow and Lineage2 ES cheers
  11. great share and up to date don't u think? it's only 5 months old and 250 revisions back like you are the only one, jbrasil is full of outdated sunrise files
  12. 6 out of 10 random H5 servers of a toplist thats 60% usage of sunrise over other projects who's the fool ?
  13. Visit topzone or any toplist, filter h5 top servers and join 10 random 6 out of 10 will use sunrise You got your answer Cheers