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  1. I am recommending you this talented and cool guy! Fast service and quality.... Thanks again bro.
  2. Can anyone help me to put adena price for each buff?
  3. :P Pantos seuxaristo gia tin prospathia file mou.
  4. Geia sas re paides! Mipws kserei kanenas kanena ACP gia to acis? Psaxnw alla den breiskw.... Mono tou elfocrash doulebei me to Acis alla den mporesa na to kanw install.... Euxaristo..
  5. Thanks for sharing this with us! Working for acis with latest rev! Nice job.
  6. A cool job made! Thanks for sharing this GM Shop with us bro!
  7. Will be online for more one month! Maybe i will make an other server.
  8. You can learn skills from Priest's and Master's in towns and villages! For now we have few players online because we launched the server at 4 June 2016.
  9. Features - Server Rates - EXP : x15 SP : x15 Adena : x15 Spoil Rate : x1 Drop Rate : x1 - Enchant Rates - Safe Enchant : +6 Weapon Max Enchant : +20 ​Armor Max Enchant : +20 ​Jewels Max Enchant : +20 Normal Scroll Chance : 66% Blessed Scroll Chance : 75% Special Scroll Chance : 100% Basic Features Chronicle (Interlude) Balanced Classes Wedding System Clan Hall System Castle Siege System Noblesse System Hero System Duel System Augmentation System All Noblesse Skills All Hero Skills All Augmentation Skills Retail-Like Enchant Skills System Every Buff / Dance
  10. Hi guys i have a problem with registering server with aCis source! i see this error: Error: Could not find or load main class net.sf.l2j.gsregistering.GameServerReg ster Press any key to continue . . . So what i am doing wrong?
  11. Hi guys. I cant login to my server! Actualy i can login from main pc that server installed. On different PC and IP cant login. I changed IP's to GS and LS also in system. Any idea what's wrong with this?
  12. I cant upload to my host server! Trojan detected: https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/57edf0bff810699f7c9c06652cdeafee14a86d8ce913d5abb7c0b0b9a766a16e/analysis/