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  1. no more autographs sorry you choose the worst approach on reading data from the server ( i saw you got it on TODO but you should focus on that. 1) cache database data locally 2) cached server - recommended (unless you dont know how to secure it) 3) live data read from database PS avoid inline styles, override them instead.
  2. since you got free time to spam here maybe you can use it to make your pack worth 3 cents @Elfocrashany comments tho i know you can have an opinion in this subject.
  3. You are showing me an old template on bootstrap 4.x.x, behind the scenes is a new one build on boostrap 5.x.x, also the image is not showing any bad code style or bad practices used, only bad and broken style also still uses all good practices even if its abandoned template written on hand, also here is not a place for you since your website is using wordpress and ready templates that you even remove copy rights so is not a place for you to leave a comment at all. PS: i bet you dont even know the differences of a bootstrap 4 to 5 PS: no comments on my suggested practices only
  4. I think you should be thanking me instead of down voting me, now you know you how to treat your problem with a solution also means that you are a true old school legend.
  5. he admit he makes money from noobs just like that. pure legend https://www.google.com/
  6. i had a client with l2jorion files 2 months ago, and the guy who paid vilmis for orion bought denart donation panel he had no sources so what i propose to him was to add 1 task class to reward the item from donations and send him a new jar, after 2 days of even asking to pay him to add my task class (that was ready and easy to implement) in the source he refused like a kid, imagine you have live server with his files and he do this: 1) 1 day to answer 2) cant communicate properly 3) treat you as garbage 4) refuse to add something 5) accepts to do it with payment a
  7. yes but even worse you pay for pre-configured pack not sources last time i knew a guy paid for 400 euro for the sources but now they lower it a lot. frozen had a success back in 2011 but now is just an abandoned project that needs a lot of updates for the lost years, and this is not something this orion pack is done, just added few customs per year and no actual fixing.
  8. its not java files with alot of fixes is java files (that should be the end of it) Trance replicated items, NPC's but the version builded is very old aCis (bugs of aCis + java files not good combination for l2gold server) so unless you want to play with friends this should not be for any serious project i mean nobody would invest on it... at least not any logic person.
  9. l2gold is based on l2off files, not java, anybody who claims to have l2gold files and they are on java based is a liar or own some really old acis sources that probably wont even work
  10. you need to understand what sarcasm is, i want him to understand how easy he can use google...
  11. if your site is wordpress i can sell you, the others can be found if you search proper, for your information there are 3 types of algorithms for l2j passwords.
  12. i can give you a paid developer, paid dedicated and ready website, and about 600+- people to play without advertising nothing, all you have to do is just sit back and watch your paid server grow while doing nothing, i only ask 1 thing from you in return, find a system for this files.
  13. foo spam connections and stress testing the database on live servers time travel back in 2009, thank you for bringing back memories. @Kara you cant write better queries, change my mind. find the differences https://stackoverflow.com/a/8066594 https://stackoverflow.com/q/22671697
  14. well still an unexpected crash while you sleep is 100% damage and reason for your server to die from every perspective, and most codes shared have coded on jdk 6-7 without proper try with resources, people code something and if it works they dont care to go deeper and check for NPE's or empty arrays and you find your self with pants down, personally i dont know any pack that have no memory leaks in java or no crashes, l2off on the other hand if a console crash, you can restore it automatically with "res(surect)" program (i would choose l2off even if its harder to work)
  15. L2OFF all the way, people dont use it because they dont even know how to install it. pros everything runs smooth after you understand how everything works the logic is always better consoles can crash and restart cons hard to add customs hard to make/find/create website language C++ no people available even if you pay them gold to help you write this language if you dont know it by your self. hard to edit extender hard to find components that dated in 2005-2008 L2Java (Emulator of L2OFF Files) pros can do anything write it as bad as you li
  16. i would be asking @Celestine for something like that
  17. True, from my experience with clients they come and asking DONATE PANEL ONLY and most of them (about 80%) asking not to be a UCP/ACP they dont want something like that, it confuses users and makes it hard to find the donation. PS: and to advertise them Donate panels PS: if it surpass atual studio functionalities like random wheel and auction like the l2scripts panel (but l2scripts can be hacked) and fix the vulnerabilities you might go somewhere into success and to make people need of your panel :) PS: always protect your work. PS: that windows activation message is
  18. when the real java dev comes to kick ass. On to the topic, why you think people will buy all this levels of VIP in first place? PS: @Tryskell what is your opinion you have also years of experience in java
  19. PS: There is no sources for the jar files that have also the same problems as i mentioned here so count 800 warnings + the warnings that potentially come out from the jars is like working for the sunrise owner to sell less shit ... if sunrise was public then your argue could have a point
  20. still we advertise our selfs like pros
  21. Send me your request and website info along with your deadline. PS: that is old
  22. you dont need it since you probably end up with a smartguard, sguard or strixguard they have a packet to use to open url in clients on all chronicles, that being said automatically set entry.dll useless.
  23. Since he is getting paid and using GPL 3 license, he hide resource leaks and errors this pack is trash and make the creator an actual scammer in my book, there is nothing to patch here and fix it the whole pack is shared things badly written that after all this years in their existence did not get any actual fixing, a joke more or less of a project, what you do with jokes? having fun.
  24. dont say such things in public i play dumb too... or you gonna end up with messages please help me fix this and that