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  1. Years pass and you still acting stupid, banning a whole clan cuz they was playing with 3 healers, legit.
  2. Thats not rapier/crossbow thats an bow/sword with rapier/crosbow animation...ugly.
  3. You cant just open a server and tell people 1 day before it will be empty.
  4. Whats the point having 6 tiers if u farm it in 2 hours...Anyway too easy farm makes people get bored too easy, gl anyway.
  5. xdem talking like his server ever succeded, and still he will open it again with the same old mistakes. Good luck with your server xolten.
  6. Even in english section some parts seems spanish btw, any date for open?or an free beta.
  7. Looks amazing the idea, hope to see beta online soon to try it Good luck.
  8. Video is amazing. Good luck with your project.