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  1. Dear marketing expert. I regret not having the same free time as you to answer such a testament. Luckily the forum users are already in charge of remarking at least a minority of all your mistakes. One by one... Tip of the day: Go and check the real meaning of "objective observation," then use the correct concepts before writing. Anyway, thanks for yours Good luck wishes. But we prefer to bet on our already almost four years of hard work :). Regards
  2. Moderators: To all those who belong. I have placed as chronicle of the server the Interlude, although this is not true. Newline has practically a chronicle of its own. I haven't put rates or any information I have read in the rules, because it is totally meaningless to do so. I hope you understand. Best regards FIRST TRAILER - GAMEPLAY VERSION +Info - Official Sites .- Website: https://nlgames.net .- News: https://nlgames.net/news .- Guides: https://nlgames.net/guides .- Arena Inferno: https://nlgames.net/guides/inferno .- Heroes: https://nlgames.net/guides/heroes .- B