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  1. NEW WEBSITE DOMAIN: http://www.l2godworld.ml/
  2. i need a tool, because i will have to edit many files... i will not ask in forum everytime i want decrypt one utx file
  3. someone please upload me a tool for decrypt utx h5 files and be able to open and edit them in unrealeditor
  4. with this i can get images out of it but i want my own image inside it i want open it in unreal i already have this tool and is useless
  5. I need edit l2font-e from high five client i want to open it in unreal for be able to edit what i want i know how to edit but i cannot open it in unreal it give me critical error all the time please someone upload me a program to be able to decrypt that l2font-e and open in unreal PS: is l2font-e from high five client ( official one no edited )
  6. how i can decrypt l2font-e high five ? i used l2decrypt and not work
  8. we will open a new beta phase gameplay will be like on live server, but all players will have all rates x10 higher then normal server i will announce here everything we change for now we managed to obtain a lighter patch, our patch have now 600 mb and arround 250 mb archived
  9. our server did not went live yet, we had a beta phase of 3 days which we closed to rework
  10. We have changed our grand opening date to 17 february 2017
  11. We are trying to make system lighter from 1,700 GB to 600 MB ( 250 MB archived )
  12. beta was opened for 4 days, now we are working again on the server the server opening will take place on 12 02 2017 14:00 GMT+2
  13. Thanks erikson I hope too. I am trying to bring a long term gameplay but pvp in same time, with a lot of intresting content like: new quests new items ( retail items from high five chronicle ) new skills ( balanced ) upgrading your gear, everytime you will have soemthing to do