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  1. Hi, I have one project and i need some Support , 1.ADD Flag zone. 2.PvP Zone on npc with re spawn(PvP/Pk Points by kill). 3.Vote System. 4.Raid Boss with Flag zone and Respawn back e fi is move. 5.ADD Schime on Buffer and System Mage Full buffs and Fighter Fulls Buffs. 6.Anti Bot System. 7.TvT Event evry 1h Start. # Acis Revision Revision = 730 to 746 I will be avaible to Pay i know is nothing for free . Who cant help me pm or Email: l2favorite@yahoo.co.uk Facebook Contact: https://www.facebook.com/L2Classicss
  2. Hello , I looking for some help on my server. 1-Zone PvP to not access Bishop on teleporting. 2.Vote Sysem Not working I got on system but not accepting Link. 3.Skills Reuse and balance. 4.Agument is accepting only 1 and passiv coming Removed. 5.Raid Boss is not balance Vs 1 Party I can’t kill with One player Frenzy. any more edit I will let you Know pm me on Maxcheaters. Contact1: l2favorite@yahoo.co.uk Contact2: https://m.facebook.com/L2Yomo-PvP-Server-100647584757484/?_rdr Contact3:https://l2yomo.net/contact Thanks