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  1. Dion Arena: youtu.be/WdcXrzkkQK0


  2. Small Arena of Aden: youtu.be/dVPjnqYCnP4


  3. Aden Arena: youtu.be/SBUT4R1AYDA


  4. Eternity Arena: youtu.be/FNmqiILCN_M


  5. GPU Animation is ON in client settings?
  6. Dion Arena: youtu.be/WdcXrzkkQK0


  7. other maps for adrenaline on aden-territory.tk
  8. Very skilled and trusted person who know what he doing. If you need promo videos - his service is here!
  9. I'm selling service of - creation | modification | maps (login screens) transfer - for Lineage 2 clients [Any Chronicles] Small portfolio of my works: https://www.youtube.com/user/MapsCrafter/videos Last work: :Contact info: Skype: demev.ukraine or pm me on MxC