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  1. Hello. I will buy items or characters on LA2Dream server. Please send offers in this topic or by private message.
  2. sell for $ all a/s items, adena, aa etc. on l2neo - pm
  3. Weapons: 2x Bow of Halisha +35 2x Dusk Sword +35 1x Sword of Vampire +35 1x Giant Trident +35 1x Lady's Fan +35 1x Dusk Claws +35 1x Dreadbane +35 1x Forever Bow +35 Armors: 1x Dynasty Light Set +35 2x Dynasty Robe Set +35 Jewelry: 2x Dusk Necklace +35 4x Dusk Earring +35 4x Dusk Ring +35 Accessories: 2x Golden Mask 2x Shock Wings 2x Tattoo of Avadon 1x Tattoo of Soul 1x Tattoo of Might Others: 100x Secret Book of Giants 600x Quick Healing Potion 1000x Rice Cake 1000x Vote Coin 600.000x Adena Offers via PM in Forum...
  4. Main: Feoh Wizard Storm Screamer 99/ Dual Aeore Shilent Saint 99/Subclass Arcana lord 80/Warcryer 80 Premium 144 days Skills Active: Elemental Spike +10 Duel Elemental Crash +10 Duel Elemental Destruction +10 Duel Death Breath +10 Duel Death Howl +7 Duel Elemental Blast +8 Duel Elemental Storm +8 Duel Devil's Curse +10 M.def Mass Devil's Curse +7 M.Def Ignore Divinity +8 Chance Shadow Snare +5 Cost Ultimate Body To mind +5 Power MP Unleash Hell +8 Entangle Death Mass Unleash Hell +8 Entangle Wizard Spirit +10 Time Air Ride +6 Time Arcane Barrier +10 Time Double Casting +10 Empower Death Lord +5 Power Hell Binding +8 M.Def Mass Hell Binding +8 M.Def Death Fear +8 Chance Mass Death Fear +8 Chance Magical Evasion +5 Distance Magical Charge +5 Distance Devil's Sway +5 Cost Skills Passive: Superior Weapon Mastery +10 Power Superior Robe Mastery +10 Power Superior Anti Magic +10 Power Superior MP Boost +5 Power Superior Fast MP Recovery +5 Power Superior Clear Mind +5 Power Skills Dual/Sub: Sub-P.atk./M.atk. Increases lv4 Passive Skill P.Atk. 4% M.Atk. 6% Sub-P.Def./M.Def. Increase lv.4 Passive Skill P.Def. +4% M.Def +4% Sub-Atk.spd./Casting Spd. Increase lv.4 Passive Skill Atk.Spd +4% Casting Spd +4% Dual-P.Atk./M.Atk. Increase lv.4 Passive Skill P.Atk. +12% M.Atk. +18% Dyes: 2x Lv5 Legendary Int Symbol - Int +5 Wit +1 Resistance to water +25 1x Lv5 Ancient WIT Symbol - Wit +5 Resistance to Wind +25 Auguments: Reflect,Refresh,Wild Magic 10lvl,Celestial Shield --- Active Items: Full Eternal robe set Magic Type R99 +6 Istina's Shirt +4 Top-grade Magic Ornament Seraph Belt PVP Skill Attack +4 Amaranthine Retributer R99 Acumen + Empower +5 Talizman - Longing Talizman - Hunter Abudance Enhanced Octavi's Barclet Augumented Dracos Hat INT +3 (+3 Enhanted) Enhanced Istina's Earring +5 Enhanced Octavi's Earring +5 Enhanced Istina's Ring +4 Enhanced Octavi's Ring+5 Enhanced Istina's Necklace +5 Reinforced Blessed Zaken's Earring +5 Beleth' Ring +4 Top- Grade Resistance Earring- Mental Attack +4 + some other stuff in wh and 500kk Adena Offers please send via EMAIL :
  5. Hello, im want to buy Epic Jwl Set ( Baium, Blessed Zaken, Valakas, ). If you interested make offert on Private.
  6. admin is my friend and items ++ drop one corrupted gm... now all "corrupted" items has been deleted from server!
  7. This is L2Sensation with a new name...
  8. L2J... example - it L2J Account Manager...