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  1. Tonight is the big pump they announced! 9:00 PM GMT! Join the discord group, and either observe or participate! https://discord.gg/rjt25Qb2XF
  2. The announced a pump signal at 02/01 - 9:00PM GMT! You can join the group now and check how it'll go! https://discord.gg/rjt25Qb2XF
  3. Check these: AbnormalDefaultEffect: https://pastebin.com/wdaL0NjQ AbnormalDefaultEffect_Classic: https://pastebin.com/Mte1fdp1
  4. hello, send me the files and i can try.
  5. mipmaps are used in order for the images/textures to be shown as lower quality when you use alt+p in game.
  6. Thanks for the reply Tryskell, it's good to have crypto people here! It's kinda obvious and common sense that those pump signals will be published a few seconds/minutes later to the regular members of the group and the profit will be much smaller than the group owners' and their friends profit because afterall you pay nothing for those pump signals. However even if you receive the signal 1-2 minutes after the start of the pump, you can still make very nice profits for free and get advantage of the pump situation. I don't know what group you've tested but this one works because the pumps a
  7. You have an NPC with broken/bugged effects. Try to delete NPCs one by one in order to see which one causes the error. Once you find, share the script of the effect here and I'll fix it for you.
  8. Do you see this bug with any kind of armor or only with the specific one?
  9. I can help you with that. PM me if you're still interested in this.
  10. Maybe you are using wrong java version or you didn't compile properly.
  11. I could try to help you with this and provide custom encryption too, so you won't worry about stealing.
  12. The only way is to use an editor/engine which can open retail .ukx and then rename them into your own .ukx. However keep in mind that this tool must be able to compile the animations properly (in other words, to have gildor patch functions implemented). I am afraid that you will not be able to find such an editor for free. Good luck with this!
  13. Create a folder named textures outside compiler folder and add your .utx there.
  14. Oh god...Thank you for the memories revive! I hope admin changed the p2w style, that l2 elite used to have though
  15. Why not create a new file .u for your effect?
  16. Hello, you can disable community board from your server's configs. For example in acis it's: config/server.properties EnableCommunityBoard = True
  17. Send me interface.u and .xdat in private message, I will check it out.
  18. 1) There is no ready to go thing. Acis is a good and cheap option to start with and you will probably find developing services easier since its a common project for everyone. 2) Yes almost all antibots are useless vs smart adrenaline users, however an antibot is not just a protection vs adrenaline but a shield vs many other 3rd party programs and cheats. Moreover, it provides useful tools like HWID and more. Bottom line, don't even try without client protection because you will end up crying for mercy.
  19. Correct, find the animation you don't like and remove or change it with another one
  20. You can either search for the weapon's name inside itemname.dat and then find its id to weapongrp.dat or you can search for the texture you want straight from weapongrp.dat.
  21. Hello, I think I can help you. Pm me with more info