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  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!, and sorry about my Fault...
  2. Greetigns to client developers, actually i have one armor on my server that it's icon doesnt exist it is red armor. and i request from some one to send me just some icons for Heavy/robe/light set. ty. i dont care about color on the Icon for real i just want armors icon's ty Interlude Client
  3. Greetings Client Developers, actually i am phasing a problem that Icons from a Red armor. that i have on my server do not exist.... can some one send me Just an armor set UTX icon. i dont care about color... i prefer a red. but i dont really care.... please! ty I forgot to mention that it is Intelude Client
  4. Yeah but this IP's is Blacklisted and not real. I mean. For example it is Blackisted. And it is From Livtvia.... Dunno really... I didn't share my L2 Ini or Ip adress. Btw... Its live server but I am fixing it live nothing more. And this IP's attempt multiply times to log
  5. OS : Windows Vista 6.2 (Build: 9200) CPU : GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2536 MHz with 2047MB RAM Video : Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1) (2702) Insufficient Memory. Please check the Virtual Memory Option and avilable hard drive space. You can check them by going to : Control Panel->System->Advanced->Performance->Settings->Advanced->Virtual memory. History: FMallocWindows::Malloc <- FMallocWindows::Realloc <- 00000000 -366306696 FArray <- FArray::Realloc <- 491082575*8 <- FUnrealfileSummary<< <- LoadSummary <- ULinkerLoad::Load <- ULinkerLoad::ULinkerLoad <- UObject::GetPackageLinker <- UObject::StaticLoadObject <- (Engine.Texture Icon-IH-by-CriticalError.armor_helmet_i00 NULL) <- NCObject::LoadTexture <- NCObject::LoadTexture <- NCItemInfo::LoadIconTex <- NCItemWnd::AddItem <- UItemWindowHandle::execAddItem <- UObject::ProcessEvent <- (InventoryWnd Transient.InventoryWnd0, Function Interface.InventoryWnd.OnEvent) <- XMLUIManager::ExecuteUIEvent <- NConsoleWnd::UpdateInventoryItem <- TEXT("InventoryUpdatePacket") <- UNetworkHandler::Tick <- Function Name=InventoryUpdate <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop I have this error when i try to log in what is wrong? Btw i am Using Windows 10 not vista.
  6. Greetings nice share but can you please upload it to Mega or somewhere else becuase requires premium for downolad ty
  7. i get this error... and i dont know why. btw export file dont exist
  8. Only system system texture and animations? can you upload and Server?
  9. Hey guys We are looking for experienced devs to hire for our new project if you are up to , add me on discord ( |T.M.B| StrawHat#4347 ) to discuss about the project and if you are interested to agree on a payment. Thank you very much
  10. Request interface for euro-pvp :)