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  1. i have bug i cant play.... i log the game, game load and then close wtf... i played 1 hour no problem, then quit to eat, now i cant play.... wtf
  2. server is great, but need more ppl 🙂 450 ppl online now
  3. Wts char on l2sublimity. Name Sushi (u can change it later on te site) and have nobless quest done! Char have a clan (enpires and clan have a clan hall. Main: necro Subs: tank, bishop,archer Pm me here i sell it cheap
  4. lol man be serius... u can still have a server with donations, but not donations like this... even if u are donator wtf u will do there? play 1x1 with another donator caz normall ppl cant kill u caz u have epic +16 and 3 shoot a normal player.. that servers are past, ppl want balance or max +12 donations if u want so badly donations but +16 is too much, u will do +16 only iff u play 24/7 6 mounts... but this is a fail make donations 3th day wtf? think smart :)
  5. i must say it when i saw it i was disapointed... some stupid br with no life in mitrill was runing with ZM+16 and TiT robe... wtf where is the balance? lol server is realy builded for donators i was online for 3 mins then i quit... and look at this trade: A: Wtt baium /Ant queen N: Traded for vendetta light , vendetta robe and +16 epic bow. Lock it pliz. wtf where is the balance and economy is -beep-ed up at the start lol how a normal player can get some epic jewell? lol i respect l2 vendetta i played there (since C4) but now i think that, donator servers are not
  6. dont know :P some random avatar lol i got it from some random forum :)
  7. i hate so say... but WTF u openned the server for 1 week? the server was nice realy nice... this was my first server (i didnt play l2 for 2 years..) wtf now? EDIT: close the server no point to have it online if u dont want to maintan it..
  8. links for download the patch dont work give a look plz me and my clan wanna join
  9. lol no donwnload site?? where i get the patch? i want try the server :(
  10. dont delite rebirth and why not put appella armors only?