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  1. i know, its not final yet
  2. Topic cleaned. good luck with your server.
  3. Maxtor

    EN Rip ovh

    OVH Black cloud services.
  4. καποια ειναι free, καποια θα πληρωνονται και καποια θα τα πληρωνουν.
  5. Κραταμε Uploader Support Team Spam Team Middleman Και προσθετουμε: L2 Server Owner L2 Clan Leader FiveM Server Owner @`Sanctus @WeirdSituation @Dragic
  6. θα αναπτύξουμε αυτό με μικρές αλλαγές. όλα θα είναι Sub ranks.
  7. exoyme kai discord, alla oi misoi theloyn skype kai oi misoi discord. na leme thn alitheia
  8. το mxc επιασε 60k rank τωρα , για πρωτη φορα απο τοτε που ανοιξε. ευκαιρια για νεες αλλαγες!
  9. https://maxcheaters.com/streams/
  10. If someone's actions affect directly our forum, ill make sure he will be banned. Take for example ebay, a seller sells PS5 BOX only, and someone buys it for 500€ because he didnt read carefully the description or didnt made his research right. is that a scam? somehow yes , but seller is covered from any dispute since he includes on description. So everyone is allowed to sell at any price whatever he wants, UNLESS there are copyrights and trademarks.
  11. @Loftheim Since all transcactions and whole negotiations are made outside MaxCheaters i cant do a lot. My part is to report, reveal the true , remove any related topics to athena project here and then people decide. Banning will not prevent someone's trust against pigasos.
  12. Im recieving a lot or personal messages here, in Skype and Discord, and im forced to take action.As you know MaxCheaters.com is on since 2004 when Postpacific/Gamehaqs where only there and nothing else. We can trace back almost everyone history and logs and discover what is true or not. First of all i want to make clear i dont have any cooporation with Pigasos or Athena Project at all. This time i will let people of MaxCheaters to decide the real true about their experience, feedback and comments about Pigasos and his websites. Depending on the feedback i will recieve in this topic
  13. https://maxcheaters.com/forum/344-fivem-private-servers/
  14. Servers suggestions or generally Private Servers?
  15. Maxtor


    i removed this warning.