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  1. well i had some transactions with him and i think he is a very nice and helpful guy ... i vote for unban anyway !
  2. He is f@cking cheap (as hell ! don't kidding ) / skilled and helpful !
  3. add me on skype if you can because i have chat ban here He4rlessss
  4. maybe i have misunderstood him... :D
  5. Can you find me a post of you where you write something good for someone? (except lick on Tryskell etc) sorry but i wanted to say that a long time ago !
  6. Hey i want to sell my L2JFrozen Pack for 20 Euro Features of pack Xp:x5000 Sp:x5000 Normal Scroll : 60% Blessed Scroll : 100% Max 14 Crystall Scroll : 65% To Enchant +16 (If you have fail enchant it goes again back to +14) Max Armor : +16 Max Weapon : +16 Max Jewels : +16 Safe : +3 Clan Penalty : Disabled Weapon Mastery Penalty : Enabled (All Classes can wear bow in Oly) Armor Mastery Penalty : Enabled Sub Class Quest (You can disable it or retail) Noblesse Quest (You can disable it or retail) Auto Learn Skills Auto Loot : Don't Loot At Raid Boss Clan Eggs : Disabled Au
  7. [21/2/2016 4:29:14 μμ] Me: how mutch money do you want for db +8/draco set +6/ duel might passive/qa and baium? [21/2/2016 5:02:50 μμ] L2Blaze.NET SUPPORT: Have you ever donated here? [21/2/2016 5:02:58 μμ] Me: y [21/2/2016 5:03:07 μμ] Me: but it was a lot of seasons back [21/2/2016 5:03:53 μμ] L2Blaze.NET SUPPORT: via paypal? [21/2/2016 5:04:22 μμ] Me: psc [21/2/2016 5:04:45 μμ] L2Blaze.NET SUPPORT: 80eur for it
  8. Awesome share ! I was search for something like this ! Thx snifi
  9. Yeap i know that i saw it at normaly it works fine ... but mine pack is 1004 rev and mby i did something wrong at my Java... i tryed to put the code from the newst rev but a lot of errors...