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  1. well i had some transactions with him and i think he is a very nice and helpful guy ... i vote for unban anyway !
  2. He is f@cking cheap (as hell ! don't kidding ) / skilled and helpful !
  3. add me on skype if you can because i have chat ban here He4rlessss
  4. maybe i have misunderstood him... :D
  5. Can you find me a post of you where you write something good for someone? (except lick on Tryskell etc) sorry but i wanted to say that a long time ago !
  6. Hey i want to sell my L2JFrozen Pack for 20 Euro Features of pack Xp:x5000 Sp:x5000 Normal Scroll : 60% Blessed Scroll : 100% Max 14 Crystall Scroll : 65% To Enchant +16 (If you have fail enchant it goes again back to +14) Max Armor : +16 Max Weapon : +16 Max Jewels : +16 Safe : +3 Clan Penalty : Disabled Weapon Mastery Penalty : Enabled (All Classes can wear bow in Oly) Armor Mastery Penalty : Enabled Sub Class Quest (You can disable it or retail) Noblesse Quest (You can disable it or retail) Auto Learn Skills Auto Loot : Don't Loot At Raid Boss Clan Eggs : Disabled Auto Vote Reward on Topzone/ Hopzone/ L2Network Random Box Buff Time : 4Hours Buff Slot : 60 Custom Raid Bosses Custom Zones Geodata/Pathnode full working Crest At Npc Anti Farm PvP System (Same IP and Party dont count the PvPs) Custom Start Noblesse Item Clan Reputation Item Rec Item Infinity BSS/SS Starting Adena : 1kkk Quake System Top Grade Life Stone : 20% High Grade Life Stone : 8% Auguments : 1 Passive or 1 Active Olympiad Period : 1 Week Max Olympiad Enchant +6 You can reg in Oly only if you have 20 PvP + Maximum number of Clan in Ally: 3 Very Good Balance At Classes And At Skills Wedding System Olympiad Town 2 Balancer to make your own balance if you don't like mine Skills Fixed PvP Zone Auto Flag (Disable it if you want) .buffs command .online command .ctfjoin .ctfleave .tvtjoin .tvtleave A lot of bugs fixed DeathMatch Event Domination Event Last Man Standing Event Simon Says Event TvT Event CTF Event Seven Sing fully Working Captcha Every 50 mobs GM Shop Custom Shop Global Gatekeeper Raid Boss Informer Server Informer (csv) Password Changer Mass Siege Manager Top 10 (PvP/PK/Clan/Online ) Skill Enchanter Casino Manager Custom Buffer Item Enchanter If you want to discuss for something or see the server alive add me on Skype : He4rleSsSs Payment Method : Paypal Edit: If you buy my files you will get Loading Screen/Custom Buttons and Icons by me :)
  7. [21/2/2016 4:29:14 μμ] Me: how mutch money do you want for db +8/draco set +6/ duel might passive/qa and baium? [21/2/2016 5:02:50 μμ] L2Blaze.NET SUPPORT: Have you ever donated here? [21/2/2016 5:02:58 μμ] Me: y [21/2/2016 5:03:07 μμ] Me: but it was a lot of seasons back [21/2/2016 5:03:53 μμ] L2Blaze.NET SUPPORT: via paypal? [21/2/2016 5:04:22 μμ] Me: psc [21/2/2016 5:04:45 μμ] L2Blaze.NET SUPPORT: 80eur for it
  8. Awesome share ! I was search for something like this ! Thx snifi
  9. Yeap i know that i saw it at normaly it works fine ... but mine pack is 1004 rev and mby i did something wrong at my Java... i tryed to put the code from the newst rev but a lot of errors...