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  1. @splicho Thank you mate it is awesome but i can't use it at mxc because of mb :( but it looks awesome
  2. Μόνο εσύ το είχες ξεχάσει :D
  3. Ποιος θέλει skype? Ονόμασε τον να τον λιντσάρουμε...
  4. Yeah it's very good for newbies it helped me a lot! by the way https://github.com/Ugleethyn/MySpringMVCApp here is an example of CRUD options using Spring Framework , Hibernate , SQL
  5. A lot of reports for this guy this week ..
  6. You can easy find it with a file editor just open itemname-e.dat and search it using ctrl+f Here you can get file editor for any client
  7. The following link has pdfs that can teach you the standard edition of Java (With exceptions , collections and a lot of other things) ,JDK, SQL , HTML , CSS and JavaScript (Basic) https://www.mediafire.com/file/9h1v8fa38egk0zg/Book.rar/file Update : Added JSP,JPA, Spring Framework , Advanced CSS,Html, JavaScript The following books : Java thinking , Java 6th Edition , Effective Java (Third Edition) , Head First Design Paterns, The Complete Reference (Seventh Edition) , Beginning Java Objects, Java How to program (Third Edition) Java The Good Parts https://www.mediafire.com/
  8. https://stackoverflow.com/ That's what i do when i have a compiler error. Check this out -- > Link1 , Link2
  9. I think that MxC has to protect his members by everyone who wants to hurt this community. The files that Pigasos is selling is founded and download by MaxCheaters.com , mxc has to protect its files (shares etc) but mxc has to protect the community too(buyers or sellers). So since the time the website AthenaProject is promoted by MaxCheaters (topics or even paid ads) and he is leaching this community he has to be punished by this community. I don't really care if Pigasos will scam more people that it isn't part of this community (They can do some search to see what Pigasos is bef
  10. lol can someone explain me what's that "10 for no ip" ? Please tell me that someone is trolling me... :D it is funniest even from this --> https://prnt.sc/xnvi6y :D Anyway you should do better search the next time you want to buy something
  11. Give us more informations... What would you like to do with this connection? Account creation ? Donations? Also tell us if you prefer a specific programming language (php,java etc)
  12. I am looking a way like lineage he is not asking this for Lineage since he know very well how to do it at l2 :P
  13. Ελπίζω να μιλάς για τον σωστό δικέφαλο και να μην έκανα τσάμπα Like...
  14. Title updated! Please read our rules
  15. https://acis.i-live.eu/index.php You shoud try aCis
  16. Wow, it looks great..!! Good luck!
  17. Spam is not allowed!! If you want to push your topic on top you can do it by pressing the "Bump Button" on the top of your thread every 24 hours! Please read and follow forum's rules!