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  1. Hello, Very nice features and nice website I can feel for both website and your post that you are building something good. Good luck with your project!
  2. As far as I know Mobius making daily commits to their source code so yeah it's stable and good for use.
  3. They know very well what they are doing simple as that. If they are so successful as you say we should take a lesson from this how to run things act and such.
  4. Welcome to MaxCheaters dude, the fact you wanna share and learn it's very good for both sides. Have a nice stay.
  5. Vision

    Need hack

    Stop trolling the man guys lel xd. There is not such thing also AION is more dead than walking dead so you will find nothing as "hack". There are sites who sell kinah and such if you want with silly prices if you search at Google.
  6. Welcome to MaxCheaters dude. Advertising is so important for new servers and so on so you will find clients for sure but you need to be very careful who you trust.
  7. Welcome to MaxCheaters dude. Have a nice stay here!
  8. Good luck with your project mate. You already have made some good work as it seems 🙂
  9. Put correct prefixes for your server [L2J] or [L2OFF]. Also, add your website/discord link on your description it might attract more players for your project. Good luck with your server.
  10. Send me full proofs via PM. It would help if you would do that. @Ramasay
  11. Put price for your gold coins. Read the rules.
  12. Sold given by author. Locked.
  13. Give a price for your char also or something that you can negotiate. Read the rules. Thank you.
  14. Locked/Sold. Author Request.
  15. Provide price for what you're selling. Read the rules before you post. Thank you.
  16. Send me proofs via PM. @MOLYmoly21
  17. Hello, this is 5th MLO it's a very tiny and simple MLO. Presenting Offices for a job you like to use it or for any use. In this MLO you will need coordinates it's teleport MLO so read my instructions carefully. What the MLO contains? All the necessity files of the current MLO. Instructions (.txt file). You need to place the files I'm giving you in the resources folder. At your server.cfg ensure (Name of interior). I can provide slight support if you face any kind of problem. This MLO contains my name inside. Download it HERE