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  1. Hi I have a local server for test purpose and until recently It worked. I've decided to install again ( fresh installation) but with DB password but It stopped to work. When I try to register the gameserver or use the 'list' command , RegisterGameServer crashes. ( error) So I wanted to change the password ( changed password) but It still not working , so I tested it with java code and it worked ( Test with java code) Everytime I ran the registerGameserver.bat I used the below config : ( Login and Gameserver proprierties) ( Database acis) (MariaDB service running) I know this it was asked many times but I don't know what else to do Thank for any help
  2. Hi , I'm trying to create an account with password. I also created the characters in characters table I've encrypted the psw here but I cant log in Account tables: login password lastactive access_level lastServer test (psw md5) 0 0 1 Characters tables: account_name obj_id chart_name level test 0 dummy 1 Any idea ?Thank Edit: I created another char with the same password. I have created the char with the client (autocreate) and I discover that Md5 encrypted word is very different I use interlude , is it MD5 ? EDIT ok I found it byte[] newPassword = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA").digest(password.getBytes("UTF-8")); ps.setString(1, account); ps.setString(2, Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString(newPassword));
  3. I tried to change the coordinate of spawn of dark_fighter.xml and it works ! Tnanks for the XML vs SQL explanation
  4. I found TownZone.xml I replaced dark elf village coordinate with the coordinate of the talking island The dark elf is spawned at the talking island ! Why some data are in DB and other in XML format ?
  5. Hi I've started with code 2 days ago and I'm curious about your first request 1) can i make custom starting spawn location (all newbies spawn at same location does not matter race). In Eclipse I searched the welcome message and I discovered I put this code at line n°309 "activeChar.teleToLocation(TeleportType.TOWN);" When I log in the game it tp me in town :D This is just a DIRTY example. the method teleToLocation accepts x,y,z parameters. You can check the signature.
  6. Hi I just started working with l2 files sry for any trivial question . I watched in to repository of aCis and Mobius. I have two local server working Mobius and aCis. Mobius looks bigger and has few java "custom". I dont know which one is best for my pourpose. I read that aCis is at least 10 years old and it's minimalist. I hope this means few bug Mobius looks like if it's trying to take the good stuff of certain l2j servers and improves it. May I ask you to share your experience ? Thanks a lot
  7. Hi , I have a local server ready with L2jMobius. I just realized that db tables are different from the old l2j server ( the original I think it is). For example I have to set my char with admin access level and I've found the files with this text inside : # This option will set the default AccessLevel for MasterAccess # Pls be carefully with that. Chars with this AccessLevel have # right to execute every AdminCommand ingame. # Default = 100 - Max. 255 MasterAccessLevel = 127 # This option will set the default AccessLevel for UserAccess # Chars with this AccessLevel have user rights # Default = 0 - Max. 255 UserAccessLevel = 0 on L2jmodbius is named "Access.ini" but the "admin_command_access_rights" table doesn't exist in my DB maybe a standard doc doesnt exist and I have to ask to L2jmodbius forum or i have to learn by reading Java code ? For example I would like understand where the npc are "built" in DB , how do they work ? How Do the db handle the item ?( it uses numbers..) ectc I mean the architecture that is how every stuff is linked Thanks fro any help
  8. Hi I'm googling right now to get info about how l2j works. My goal is to learn how to fix but I don't know how to approach or how much I have to go deep. I know a bit of java and I keep studying it. so What Does fix mean ? Do I need to know java and what else ? I would like learn to create events , fix features , change position of mobs bugged etc Thanks for any help
  9. Hello !!!!! You are great ! I started studying java and I'm searching info about L2 java server architecture !!! Thanks