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  1. lol, if you have better one share it or stfu. It's free, if you like it use if u dont gtfo topic.
  2. gonna check lol ur selling it for 250 e noone gonna buy it..
  3. Hi all, i want to buy dress me for interlude, reply the prices edit : Frozen
  4. Why the ppls are caring about coding on custom servers, Wtf there is 3 farm zone, 5 weapon, 5 amor is ok then; lets pvp.. Its okay for low rates maybe but, there is official exist for it. We was playin this game 10 years ago, and who was caring about codes? Thats only about the fun. " crappy crappy crappy " wtf what's the crappy xd
  5. Hi guys, i wonder how can i choose the best pack for live server. Someone selling packs but everyone blamin each other " crappy pack, backdoored, trash, etc. " Wtf which one is ok for buy? How the ppls open live server if all of em crappy coded? .. Which pack n seller is okay for this? :forever alone like a boss:
  6. That port things are so stupit, cuz for example; i was usin my ports without the problem, then one day it stopped workin and noone can fix it now. So if you have luck, u can open it so easly else gg... skyp: urasemata
  7. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/208709-i-have-problem-server-dont-count-hopzone-votes/
  8. # Automatic Vote Reward System VoteRewardSystem= True VotesRequiredForReward = 6 VotesSystemInitialDelay= 90000 VotesSystemStepDelay= 130000 VotesRewards= 12321,3; #Leave empty to disable one site #if you need just one of these VotesSiteHopZoneUrl= http://l2.hopzone.net/lineage2/details/101262/l2servername VotesSiteTopZoneUrl= http://l2topzone.com/tv.php?id=11111 ServerWebSite= http://l2example.com/
  9. haha i have samething too, ports are opened on local ip but closed on external ip... its very interesting on my problem.. i asked 2000 ppls noone can solve it... and i give up