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  1. i Change it but when restart when player click on cancel , nothing appears and if appears it said he have not enough adena! HELP me plz!
  2. Dude , RaidBossSpawnManager line 453 brainless people read the facking comments! oh...
  3. This is 453 rbmanagerspawn , can you explain what i have to change?
  4. Hello i have add this code http://pastebin.com/sFhMMwPp But when raidboss died i got this error http://prntscr.com/dyjsmg any solution?
  5. I want a patch exact like this one is shared. with cd effects those skills all of them.
  6. Good luck with your server mate! Good features! I ll give a try!
  7. I have an old version 6september reuse thing works but it doesnt have the other part things. Celestine please as soon as you can :D
  8. Hello i would like to ask about a code (L2J Frozen) that PvP Zone auto changes every x hours and mobs from area is auto deleted. for example. Zone 1 with mobs id x Zone 2 with mobs id y When zone 1 changes to 2 mobs deleted and when zone 2 its on new mobs spawned. Budget 15-20euro.