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  1. Hello , im having a custom community board but some pages are missing , so im buying this service. I have all the images of the pages i want to be created. Pm me or leave comment for price etc,
  2. This is the 2nd scammer. Please mods , i want to clean my topic from scammers reply.
  3. Sinister Smike just scammed me and his friend Tazerman2. Still looking for a HTML desinger to create me some community board pages. not scammers if possible
  4. Another scammer in our list, this guy tazerman2, pmed me and told me its sinister's friend , and he will make me the htmls files that sinister never send me , to avoid his ban. And he will do it for 10 euro. We was talking and dealing , i send him all my files + utx and he told me : BB now go find another one to make your htmls He just scammed me the files. I have all chat skype conversation to show you. I think that there is a mess in forums, and every body is camming eatch other and you dont do anything. Thanks his profile https://imgur.com/pJtgn6V Skype chat , some pics https://imgur.com/Z5mjZPz https://imgur.com/QInLk4N
  5. Im not asking to ban him, i dont want that , ofc i appreciate that he make for low price , but we dealed something and he never did, he ow me some html page in the deal we made. If he told me from the beging the price he want for all goes normal i would paid him. but he didnt. he come every time and says : we didnt deal that , so i want more money. even the htmls i paid for 20 euro are wrong and some are missing. He make good trades with modarators or other staff member with a good reputation, but with newbie he act like that. All i want is my html that he never send thats all, not ban , not anything , im not like that person , in the end i will not win anything of baning this guy, and i dont wont that.
  6. NO : we dealed this PLUS all buffer pages , but i never got them. you are lier. Now , im bored with you , i will not win nothing at all if u get banned, i have nothing to win. i lost my money , i lost my work. thats all If there is judge here in forums you will take what u diserve , if not , again i will not losing anything more. im not gonna spam more here , the only thing i want is to take out of this story Kara because he is was trying to help me and now he is in troubles because sinister is a stupid. thats all
  7. The topic is created by me , because i got scammed. Kara has nothing to do with this topic. He just joined in our chat in skype yesterday to warn this guy because he is my dev. I cant understand Sinister's logic , proably he have something personal with Kara that i dont even care , stop trying to confuse things and escape from scamming me with your personal difreents with Kara. This is aryastark , that you scammed , not Kara. wake up
  8. Man you have problem ? what kara you say ?? can you read my name ? its AryaStark, im not kara you ... slick ! Kara is my developer , and he knows u good . you have problems in your mind.
  9. You are so ... slick , i have already said in my 1st post that you refunded the 10 euro , because u are afraid of geting ban, nothing else, either you was going to keep them if we didnt warning you that we make a topic.
  10. now do you belive? , he made half work , htmls missing, pictures are missing , <br> are missing , teleport zone are missing , and also 9 htmls pages are missing.
  11. Hello , i dont know if this is the right place to post my topic but if is not please remove it. 1st of all i want to report Sinister Smile the Gold member for scamming me 2 times. We have a deal with this guy to create for me all the htmls file for a community board for 20 euro. In this files included the gk / buffer / services and etc. BUT he sended me the half pages . missing pages , and wrong pages , after talk with him again in skype he told me that we never make deal for all htmls so he wanted more money, then we make again a deal for all htmls + subpages for 10 euro. but he sended me the same htmls file that he send me in 1st time so he never send me a new files. after that he told me again , that we never deal for all htmls files , and he wanted more money. after that i added him in same chat with Kara my developer , and he was like i dont care about posting me in forum or ban me or whatever and he never send me any files. he still ow me the files from 1st trade , the full buffer , and full gatekeeper that is missing. because after speaking with Kara he refunded me 10 euros , afraiding of ban in maxcheaters. Please do something, this guy already ow me 8+ htmls files that i paid in our 1st trade ,and after that he fooled me and waste my time for 2-3 days doing nothing and refunding money. This acts are not for GOLD members, if gold members act like that imagine normal members how should act. Im asking from Admin , or mods do something about that. Thank you P.S i have all the skype chat with me and sinister so i can prove all this , plus the payments , plus what he said in our chat with Kara.
  12. problem solved, i forgot to add iframe= please lock , sorry for double post