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  1. wtb some java services. pm me for info with skype
  2. Since you're talking about fail, and 10 days server. Where is l2tales? cmon... achylek, you cant speak about fail servers.cmon
  3. Yes i agree with you. I can give u some unique names for this server : l2destinatiion , l2fammily , l2pvpers , l2killers, l2DMG, l2critical , l2PVP , l2Soulshot, l2Silver-Gold-Bronze-Yellow l2HERO , L2GODS , L2GODESS ,L2HERCULES ,L2ZEUS , L2ERMIS , L2L2 , L2HASTE , L2 ACUMEN , L2 BERS , L2CLARITY L2,GIRAN , L2 ADEN , L2 DEXTER , L2 HARDCORE ... L2your magical damage has failed, L2 You missed the shot, l2 You are disconnected from the server. And many many more.. But this aufull name ? GameOfThrones ? Damn.. this admin has no imagination at all.
  4. Hello , im interesting for some client developemnt for my server.

    Do you sell your services ? 

    please if yes, tell me your skype to contact


    1. NevesOma


      Hello, AryaStark, thanks for your message.

      Yes, you can contact me on skype: Support_La2-Pro

  5. I think i am, you are not forced to play in this Server. Just dont play
  6. So you judge people because they dont have knowledge? Nice ideology. So good person are that they know everything, the others are bad? Ok
  7. So every developers of L2J that create new codes and staff are stealing of other developers ? what u mean ? , Its not copy/paste when you take a skeleton of something and change it. is something new. thats all
  8. Yes but it include and scripts, What u mean about ty? The skeleton of another website doesnt mean that you didnt work on it.
  9. No im not gona say that. But be sure that im not having any relation ship with the servers you said up, these are just some scripts that are really copied , but thats all. Winter is here AchYlek , you have done so far 9 Festival Adenas on Grand Opening. keep going !
  10. 1st of all pple can understand that server will fail because of staff? So you know me , and you know that i wil fail ? ok, maby you have seen me in your dreams. 2nd There is no other reason exept of paid ,that some one will post so much hate in a new server and new staff w/o knowing nothing about him and the server. 3rd Im a clown ? , and you want to make a serius chat with you? . Pple who dont respect other pple they dont respect their own selves. 4rd there were any comments about server features , but only hate comments. So i cant answer any of them END of story with you. The only i have to say about your comment , its that i never said that server will have 3.000 online , but that we expect 3.000 There is a big difference . From all paid ads that didnt start yet, and with some calculations , thats the number but is estimated always. it would be 1-5 to 3. So i never said that.
  11. I wonder , hwo you guys are so sure about : The server time period The server bugs The server admins When you dont event playd at BETA at least to take an opinion. But dont worry i understad, paid hater's philosophy ^^ More bump my topic and you get more Festival Adena. pm me for reward
  12. axaxaxaxaxaxax I like when haters tilt <3 Full of bugs ? BETA TEST is on 30/12/18 , but you logged in earlier ? ok ghosty <3 thanks for bumping my topic P.s : more bump here and i will reward you with 1 FA / 1 bump =1 FA gogogo You played on servers with no Balance ;) Zaken and Antharas not worked packs ;) This is Seven Signs. And its very carefully worked out , about pvp balance and etc. Biggest win is fail <3
  13. You can't find it because there are no S grade on classic. It's absolutely my idea to have more fan. But only Weapons , not armors. No sir, its 7s Latest files . Thank you vaiNmode, No its not l2lionna,era ;) This ia pretty new server running from a new crew. we want to keep long alive Call your friends to join to have more fun!