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  1. Yes IA is open from 2005 ... but its empty no one plays there , Spadie leaves it open only for chat and etc.
  2. Hello pple

    <3 waiting for s8..
  3. Discussion About dedicated server

    Okay , thank you !
  4. Discussion About dedicated server

    So i must update my dedicated server the ssd disk and processor , with a 16 GB RAM will be ok ?
  5. Discussion About dedicated server

    Thanks for answering. My other question is : What you mostly need to open a server RAM or processor?
  6. Hello , i stared this topic to ask you about a dedicated server. Is that dedicated server from Germany good for a project with 1-2k users? Cost 50 Euros monthly Intel® Core™ i7-4770 Quad-Core incl. Hyper-Threading Technology RAM: 32 GB DDR3 Hard Drive: 2 x 240 GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD (Software-RAID 1) Connection: 1 GBit/s-Port Guaranteed bandwidth: 1Gbit/s Backup space: 100 GB Traffic: 30 TB *
  7. Ye i know , thats why i'm making an oldschool server looks like c3 Rise of Darknes. For those pple who love old classics. But thank you anyways
  8. First of all i want to say that this incoming project is a copy from an oldschool server c3 called Illicit Awakening , back in 2005 , from the first Private Servers . Hello there . I am ready to open a new project with Interlude client but with c3 features. I'm making this topic to ask your opinion about this project , because it is risky and prototype. So it will be : Interlude client . x35 xp. x35 SP. x100 adenas. x5 spoil. CP bar will be removed or maby not? I haven't decided yet. Hero weapons will removed from olympiad. Their will be only custom hero weapons with unique effects, craftable only in secret random place. Hero system and olympiad retail like. All classes are balanced and modifided for PvP even dwarfs,summoners,prohpet,bd,sws and etc. All S grade Armors are removed such IC,Draco,Imp set, and are replaced with custom craftable armor set with like : Karmian , Theca and etc. All S grade Weapons stay normal , with modifided A grade weapons such : Soul bow Critical DMG and etc. Also hero weapons . SA to all weapons requires crystal. Custom tattoos with effects and bonuses craftable , and AIO tattoos craftable but BOSS item required. Custom skill to all classes : requires 2b SP < hard to gather 2b SP> This skill every time you learn it gives you bonus stats. reach to 100 lvl. GM Shop to A grade with adenas, A grade are unsealed. B grade are sealed. Weapons normaly no SA. Buffer only lvl 1 buffs no 3rd class buffs, buff duration 60 mins Buffs are modifided to lvl 3 songs and buffs , dances cov etc. Available only with character PP,BD,SWS, etc. SODA , ACM , LAIR, COT, ANT NEST are the farm zones including BOSSES Secret Bosses. There are more features on this project but you will see it in BETA period. So what is your opinion ? I hope Victoria and Aria players will like it and Join ! NOTE: If i am in wrong topic , please some staff to remove it to the right place. thanks
  9. [Rip] Website

    420170303170913703806.htm This guy riped ncsoft's lineage website and you still reply to share you the program that he did. you are pathetic and so ingrate.. jesus Thanks mate its very good share
  10. Hello pple

    I can't really answer your question. It is a slogan about a movie series called Game of Thrones xD ( winter is here ) /Thank you btw!
  11. Hello pple

    Hello every one, good things are coming :)