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  1. Thats the proofs? wtf? we never ddos anyone. I blocked you from discord because you was inside and spammed to players to join on your server, that was the reason. Just a friendly advice, stop trust players, stop blame others without real proofs, and be more prepared before you open a server ESPECIALY if you have donations added on your server, we had tons of ddos attacks on the past, but we was prepared as we had to, we never send messages to blame others without proofs because players tryed to imagine who ddos us. And one more, please don't spam us on any chat none cares about your home
  2. First siege will happen at 15.10.20 The winner clan will recieve 100 euro in real money as a reward for their effort. Gather your clan, gear up and be prepared for a real fight. You were looking for a motivation? There you go
  3. https://lineage2edge.com/ a few minutes to get online, be sure to download our updaters and run them to have latest updates DOWNLOADS Retail Interface ➳ https://bit.ly/3oKg5dO Custom Interface ➳ https://bit.ly/2GeQ2Ki CREATE ACCOUNT Register ➳ https://bit.ly/2HUpwXx
  4. The time has come. After exanimating all reports and problems you guys found We decided to arrange our opening at-> G.O AT 31/10/2020 17:00 GMT +2 All beta player's will be rewarded Bring your clan and get special rewards BIG clans from around the world awaiting Unstoppable fights awaits you DO NOT MISS IT!! JOIN NOW https://lineage2edge.com/
  5. [+] 2 hours left for the OPEN beta - https://lineage2edge.com/ [+] Biggest Clans & Best Lineage 2 Players are awaiting [+] No Pay2win-Massive PvP- long Term [+] Active-guard protection guarantees no bots and cheats [+] https://discord.gg/zGETa7v
  6. https://lineage2edge.com -  high five pvp server opens beta in less than 2 hours

  7. competition makes us better good luck with your project my friend
  8. yes cause obviously atualstudio services are not their priority business, its either a part time job, or a hobby project. even if you could reach them back, they would never finish the job its called lack of interest drop me a PM about what you wanna do, and i am might know the right guy to help you with
  9. I asked a few months ago their ready to go payOP payment gateway cause i had no time to develop it on my own. Once they replied back after one or two weeks trying to find them, we made a deal and we conclude to a price that i was willing to pay instantly, but they told me i had to wait from their sales manager to contact me to proceed with the purchase . After 5 or so days, i tried to get in contact again with them, they never got back I ended up, reading their whole API's stracture and coding it myself. Think it twice before proceed business with that guys! I wouldn'
  10. https://ibb.co/B2vQJKz https://ibb.co/9VmJkVW When donations are end up on the same account, i guess theres no need of more evidence. The weird thing is that i thought that everyone knew it!