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  1. competition makes us better good luck with your project my friend
  2. yes cause obviously atualstudio services are not their priority business, its either a part time job, or a hobby project. even if you could reach them back, they would never finish the job its called lack of interest drop me a PM about what you wanna do, and i am might know the right guy to help you with
  3. I asked a few months ago their ready to go payOP payment gateway cause i had no time to develop it on my own. Once they replied back after one or two weeks trying to find them, we made a deal and we conclude to a price that i was willing to pay instantly, but they told me i had to wait from their sales manager to contact me to proceed with the purchase . After 5 or so days, i tried to get in contact again with them, they never got back I ended up, reading their whole API's stracture and coding it myself. Think it twice before proceed business with that guys! I wouldn't trust them a single penny for my future projects
  4. When donations are end up on the same account, i guess theres no need of more evidence. The weird thing is that i thought that everyone knew it!
  5. I thought raidfight and tales are the same since both are under the same company trademark. Searching a bit on the internet about MAJENTA SOFT LTD EOOD will reveal even the annual income of this Bulgarian registered company! Also on both server sites, paypal donation gateways end up on the same PayPal account. Not sure, whats your argument for? Maybe i am offtopic!
  6. Same with He claimed we use bot programs, while we do had the same amount of votes on every other topsite, and another owner confirmed that the traffic he was getting from our website was clearly corresponding to the amount of votes we had. No worries, he lost our 10k impression's per month and our money's from advertisements there. What we lost? Fake traffic with zero interaction A healthy business, needs to respect its client's. Topzone is not one of them, and sadly soon will end up dead. Stay away, there are people who appreciate your money more than this stupid Romanian.
  7. 1 month on-line and yesterday he accomplished a new record of unigue online players. 623 isn't bad right? we would never reach that number's without your help, so we would like to thanks everyone from the bottom of our heart's for the patience and the love you show for L2Edge. You like the idea of playing on a classic server but you miss h5 features? Lineage2edge brings classic interface on high five client. Choose on our download page which interface and graphics you prefer and join our community now! #lineage2 #pvp #h5 #farm More at:
  8. -  high five pvp server

  9. -  high five pvp server

  10. Our team from the very first day proved that we are here to stay. We started with 30 valid votes per day and yesterday we hit a record of 412. We are doing our best to keep the server as fair as possible and improve it day by day. We still have many things to fix, but with patience in the near future you will be playing on one of the best servers you ever tried. Why ? Cause we care, cause we work, cause we love what we are doing.
  11. Who said there's lack of activity on pvp servers? If you think so, try Every single day community is increasing and fights are becoming epic!
  12. Many competitors tried to take us down, but here we are still alive & growing. Our community is increasing day by day and we achieved to reach top1-top10 rank on many top-sites. #5th rank on topzone #1st rank on gamebytes #7th rank on l2jbrasil #2nd rank on l2topservers #2nd rank on JOIN US NOW!