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  1. -  high five pvp server

  2. Our team from the very first day proved that we are here to stay. We started with 30 valid votes per day and yesterday we hit a record of 412. We are doing our best to keep the server as fair as possible and improve it day by day. We still have many things to fix, but with patience in the near future you will be playing on one of the best servers you ever tried. Why ? Cause we care, cause we work, cause we love what we are doing.
  3. Who said there's lack of activity on pvp servers? If you think so, try Every single day community is increasing and fights are becoming epic!
  4. Many competitors tried to take us down, but here we are still alive & growing. Our community is increasing day by day and we achieved to reach top1-top10 rank on many top-sites. #5th rank on topzone #1st rank on gamebytes #7th rank on l2jbrasil #2nd rank on l2topservers #2nd rank on JOIN US NOW!
  5. DDOS ATTACK MITIGATED From the the very first day, we proved that we came on the lineage2 scene to stay. Our activity day by day is increasing and thats something that our competitors don't like. Today Thursday 12/03/2020 and between 17:00 and 18:00, we had extremely heavy DDOS attacks. Our server couldn't handle the traffic and thats why during that period you might faced some delay on the gameplay. The login-server was offline for a while as well as the website. In less than half an hour our developer, mitigated the attack and everything is back to normal. Our server is powerful enough to handle every single competitor that can't compete us other-ways. L2Edge Team
  6. + every single day community increases! + thanks everyone for your support + lets make l2edge together the only worth playing pvp server
  7. Community is growing fast, and daily our online count hits new record. We are working on a new PVP zone that will keep everyone on fight with exclusively rewards in return. We need your suggestions and feedback this days. We are working hard to fix everything and grow the community. L2Edge came to last Some images from yesterdays event
  8. We are glad to announce that our OPEN BETA will start at 21.02.2020 14:00 (GMT+3).Registrations are already opened. Patch to download will be ready within the day.Server will remain (gm only) access, until 21.02.2020 14:00 (GMT+3).See you ingame!
  9. UPDATE: BETA VERSION GOING LIVE ON 21.03.2020, (GMT +3:00) We are glad to announce that our OPEN BETA will start at 21.02.2020 14:00 (GMT+3). Registrations are already opened. Patch to download will be ready within the day. Server will remain (gm only) access, until 21.02.2020 14:00 (GMT+3). See you ingame! Lineage2 Edge - High Five PvP Server [*]Server going Live on 28.02.2020, 20:00 (GMT +03:00) [*]High Five (CT2.5) Part 5 [*]Global Rates X 1000 [*]Starting with Vesper Equipment [*]Starting level 85 including Sub-classes [*]Safe Enchant +15 / Max Enchant +20 [*]Instant up to +15, from +15 till +20 chance will be 40% [*]Enchant failure will not break the item, it will return it to +15 [*]Olf Shirt Enchant is 100% from +0 to +4 , then 40% and if shirt fail will stay on the same enchant [*]Skill Enchant is from +0 to +15 instant with Giant Codex and then 100% with Giant Codex Mastery. [*]Max Elemental Lv. 7 / instant Lv. 4 / 100% enchant rate to Lv.7 [*]Max Buff Amount 24 + 4, Songs/Dances 14 SPECIAL FEATURES [*]Advanced Community Board [*]PvP Class Balance, not affecting olympiad [*]PvP Based Title Color unlocking [*]Premium Geodata without errors & wallshots [*]Cancellation & Steal Divinity returning back buffs after 15 seconds. [*]Advanced Dress Me Engine, with ability to disable/enable/try before buy. [*]Various fancy cloaks,armors,weapons and accessories for dressme [*]Subclasses unlimited with Class Specific Certification [*]Vote Reward Rune Amulet increasing your stats [*]Magic Support with All buffs, Buffs & Mass Cubics enchanted to +30. [*]General Merchant with Different currencies, Farm Items & PvP based [*]Services Manager with All needed functions [*]Weekly Olympiad, Heroes every Friday, Starting Points 20, Olympiad Enchant +7, 1 round per 10 minutes to avoid feeding, tons of anti-feeding checks. [*]Weekly Sieges, every Saturday(1 client per IP + Mac Addr.) [*]Weekly Territory War, every Sunday, 3 Wards limit(1 client per IP + Mac Addr.) [*]Combine Talismans engine [*]Auto Consumables Toggle Skill (Auto casting your CP/HP/MP & Bottle of Souls) [*]Character Settings Panel ECONOMY AND EREAS [*]Farm Zone: There are 3 farm levels where players can farm items required for equipment upgrade. Zones and mobs rotates everyday. [*]War Zone: Rotates every 30 minutes with new zone and mode. Players joined will be rewarded at the end of each rotation. Unlimited all day PvP, awesome rewards, healer assist rewards, balanced teams depends on classes. [*]Raid Zone: This zone will spawn every 2 hours a custom raidboss which will drop a coin to purchase raid jewels. Be prepared for epic battles. [->]Play Right Now [->]Website: [->]Forum: [->]Facebook:
  10. WoW... Nice features... I really like it :) i will be there for sure...!!! GL guys
  11. cant wait, almost 7 hour's. me and my clan will be there.
  12. Finally something different. I will definitely be there on beta and G.O. This project seems really pro website,events and moderators. Cu you all ingame, i think this will be my next favorite server.