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  1. Hello all i see this post i am search the same code can help me someone ??? the problem in post solved, but the links do not work to see the code... Thank you for your interest
  2. hi all i add this code on l2jfrozen its working but i need to add and Reward when the event finished if someone is easy to can help me ??? CODE https://pastebin.com/m11JCj4U
  3. Hi All i have problem with vote manager i try the vote manager from shares Reborn12 dont give m the reward ....say you din.t vote try agian later.................i want to make the vote manager Could someone help me???? L2JFROZEN revision=1073
  4. Geia s olous psaxnw boh8oia gia vote manager l2jfrozen prospa8eisa tou Reborn12 you didn.t vote leei mporei kapios na m help ?????
  5. Geia s olous L2JFrozen revision=1073 To siege 3ekinaei kanonika alla d kanoun spawn guards kai Artifact mporei na m help kapios an 3erei tpt na to fix??????
  6. euxaristo geai ti boithia tha prospathiso na to kano se periptosi an dn gini tha kano xana post
  7. To vrika einai 740 746 min max etc einai default einai opws itan dld pali exw to idio prob
  8. pou einai ekina ta configs file m den to vrisko mporis ligo na me help?
  9. Kalhspera Exw Problhma Me To Gameserver kai den kserw pws na to liso an mpori kapios na me boithisi ligaki? eikona : http://imgur.com/a/i1gqb
  10. Hello All i adapt this code adress: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/194780-monument-statuet-pvppk-24h/ and i have fail to spawn's the characters statue Could someone help me???? Gameserver with photo the fail adreess: https://postimg.org/image/c3cy0vaw7/
  11. i have got spawn error with caracters its working normaly good but only erro its spawn caraters...someone help me ???