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MiddleMan ! WTS/WTB Adena, Accs, Items at EU/NA/Free Servers


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- Offer you assistance in buying and selling in-game goods.


- We have a great experience as Middle-Man and good reputation as Merchant.




Largest Marketplace ( A lot of Accounts and Items ) - HTTPS://PUFA.STORE


Largest trade chat ( Over 1000 active users ) - llesaneda.png

 Facebook open trade group ( New search system ) - 7e92aece4a2be88cba25459b9d8b2fe2-full.jp



Skype -llesaneda.pngFacebook -7e92aece4a2be88cba25459b9d8b2fe2-full.jp
Discord -llesaneda.pngWhatsApp -icons8-whatsapp-65.png.49221f951a7a1fbd9437c97975bf28a3.png


We accept:
PayPal, Crypto ( BTC, USDT, Altcoins ), Bank & Card payments.




Attention!!! Not to be scammed follow steps:


Unfortunately in the Discord there is an opportunity to make absolutely identical nicknames and #. - This leads to the fact that at first glance you can see 3 or more absolutely identical profiles, to get real one contact me directly via my discord profile link:

My Discord profile -  https://discord.com/users/340061939248136193


Also there is 3 more safe ways how to contact me:
1. Send PM to me at Skype - https://join.skype.com/invite/b5ct2yIJHLtw 

2. Write to me in the website chat at the bottom right - https://pufa.store/
3. Talk to me on my facebook profile - https://www.facebook.com/pufa.blackfriday.3/





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