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WTS MiddleMan ! WTS/WTB Adena, Accs, Items at EU/NA/Free Servers


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=) haters wanna hate. Post here profs:

1. Screenshot where you pay 300$ ?

2. Name of CP what im scammed for DKP ?

3. Screen from Skype were we talk about delivery and exchange DKP ?


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Hello haters and my old and future customers.

Im very glad that with your help my topic so popular and im so famose that alot of ppl start create fake skype and facebook with my name and try scam ppl.


The reason why haters write bad reviews:
1. On Skelth server all epics, raids, castles under DOTA clan control. Opposition on Skelth so weak that they cant find enother way of win,  as soon as try to slander, start rumors, write bad reviews without proofs, in the hope that poor sales will facilitate a quick exit of my party from the server, and they get domination on Skelth server. http://prntscr.com/jq79ny      http://prntscr.com/jq79ud
2. We hate ppl who use fully afk macro and bot programs, why some ppl must farm by hands, another ppl dont do nothing just use program and get same profit. We PK fully afk macro party and parties who use bot. So ofc this ppl become mad also.
3. Some ppl mad because they fail, they are not attentive and add fake Skype, and got scammed.
Be careful i post here screen with my skype one more time:   http://prntscr.com/jq798a

I can tell about video: i understand why you so mad, as i see your 14 ppl die from my 7 ppl. Try improve your skill in game, and when you become more skilled and start contest something in game, you do not have to do more fake review without proofs and another sh1t like on screens xD see you in game my haters =)

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17 hours ago, BuyBabyBig said:

Confirmed this farmer group employs scammers such as Roma "Willdestroy"


You can hear his voice on stream here.  Scammed core3/aq3/baium talisman


Don't buy from this group ever.


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Nowadays this group is employing willdestroy who had stolen several valuable items from Apex where he used to reside backdays as a player.


I can confirm that the voices are identical and that the man behind a workplace at pufa's farm and Roman ( the willdestroy player ) is the very same one. 


Get lost, scammer bullshit.

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Сharacter WillDestroy was bought more than six months ago, my party does not have any relation to the real owner of the character of WillDestroy.

And i dont have no one in my party with name Roman xD 

listen carefully, I'm sure you are mistaken. And next time if you accuse someone of scam, give proofs, otherwise it's just an unjustified hate in our direction.

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Gahahahhahaha, Pufa saying they hate bot parties when the entire high and low level necropolis are full of Dota bot groups.



Keep buying from this idiot, he's the same guy who will come pk your lvl 30 character with his lvl 79 ponies for a lvl 36 raid and then come back and sell you adena cause he doesn't let you generate it yourself. 10/10 mafia tactics.

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Yes, I don't care about you guys PKing everybody. I just find it really fucking funny to see you claim to "hate" bots when all of the adena you generate and sell is through bot parties farming necro 24/7.

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Being in DOTA, i can confirm that Willdestroy is still played by "Roma", a confirmed scammer.  You may want to think twice before buying anything from someone that is willing to play with such a person.

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