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  1. Selling on Skelth following items: Adena: 0.18E -> 1kk Items BW Heavy +7 - 60E Zaken 1 - 80E DC Light +7/6/6/6/6 - 80E Baium Ring lvl 3 - 550E Accounts SWS 79 - 40E Cardinal 79 - 40E Spoiler 78 - 20E SK 78 - 20E Tyrant 80 and 15% (Ruby, Jade and Diamond 4) - 60E Trade only with Paypal. Skype_ID -> live:playerqa1
  2. Hello Cheaters! I am selling my lower toons since got higher level replacements. Toons have nice amount of SP since were mostly leveled on raid bosses and cata farm. 71 lvl Tyrant - 70E 71 lvl Bladedancer - 125E 71 lvl Swordsinger - 125E 61 lvl Swordsinger - 75E (it have tickets from CA to reach lvl 63 or 64) Accepting only paypal. Contact me on skype live:playerqa1 (icon of Bounty Hunter from dota 2 and visible name 'Saleswoman')
  3. WTS Adena 1kk - 1.3E Current Stock 100kk+ Sold: - GH 77 - SWS 55 - BD 56 - PP 56 skype: live:playerqa1
  4. I am cashing out from skelth have items and chars to sell. Accounts: SWS 55 - 50E PP 56 (skills from 58) - 65E Sorc40/Dark Wizard 40/ Destro 48 (account for epics) - 60E Items: Crystal Dagger +10 - 250E Super Othell 8 - 100E AQ3 - 900E Contact me here or on skype live:playerqa1
  5. Nice guy, very responsive and always fair with what he have. Never had any problems.
  6. WTS SWS lvl 55 on Skelth - 50 Euro PM on forum or add skype live:playerqa1
  7. Made a deal with him, transaction was successful and response time was very fast. Very promising trader.
  8. Hello. I want to sell my swordsinger lvl 55. Account is without active subscription but you can keep items on it. Composite Set, Cursed Maingauche and some other random stuff. Price 75 Euro. Accepting Paypal only.
  9. If you have any AQ lvl 1's PM me with offers on mxc or skype
  10. WTS main Tyrr Titan 104lvl /dual class Othel Wind Rider 103lvl with e-mail Tyrr - 20Abiliti Points Othel - 19Abiliti Points Dye: 1.Tyrr Titan - +5 STR +1 Dex +5 STR +1 Dex +5 STR +5 CHA 2.Othel Wind Rider +5 STR +4 CHA +5 STR +4 CHA +5 STR + 1 DEX Chars have many items for exp (runes 200%exp for 1month x2) , many vitaliti potions and drop rate runes. -Brooches 4slots -Amethyst lvl 3 -Red Cat lvl 3 -Vital Stone lvl 3 -Garnet lvl 3 -Ruby lvl 2 -Obsidian lvl 2 -Tanzanite lvl 3 Have shirt : -Shiny Elemental Shirt +10 -Physical Reflect Shirt +10 Have bracelet 6slots -
  11. Best nigga on skelth. Trusted like ya old mama soup!
  12. Want to sell tyrant lvl 70 on Skelth server. Grand Khavatari 76 is also still available for sell. PM price offers or message me to get my skype contact for negotiations.
  13. Hello, I want to sell tyrant lvl 76 on skelth. Clean NEW PRICE 1100 EURO SOLD Topic OFF
  14. Making deals with him for over 4 months. He can be a friend in business trying to manage stuff even outside the list here :) Definetily top contact for business on skelth.