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  1. lvl 47.50% baked with mail pm me on skype pkonstyle
  2. i wanted to know if any other classic club boter is experiencing this...
  3. I have 3 diffent PCS/ 3 different IP ( with vpn)/ same MAC. I do not understand other thing . I got banned when i used 6 toons. but now i only use 2 toons. I started botting after 4 months now and i got banned very easy ...
  4. Well i started on classic club 8-9 months ago. For 5 month i boted 4-6 toons at one time. i got banned from time to time only on one toon. No problem , i made another toon and keep it going. After 5 months i got banned on all 6 toons. That sucked. I started rebuilding my toons nad what do you know i got banned in the next 12 hours, i made another 2 toons and i got banned in the next 24 hours. After that i reinstalled windows/ changed mac/ used vpn / spoofed hard disk ID volume xxxx-xxxx. And started again other toons, what do you nkow i got banned in 12 hours ...
  5. Well i have started to bot there. I bot for 20 days in a row and nothing. they did not banned me. After that i got banned. no Harm no fault it was expected. After that i made new toons and started to bot. They banned me in 12 hours. Do you guy know how they ban me ? I did not use the same spots and noone found me because i have the bot close everytime some1 is near me. DO they fallow IP, HWID, MAC or something else ? I will probably change windows and other stuff and start over but it is clear now that they fallow something. Please share if u have some info!
  6. Lineage 2 is one of the best games i have ever played. It is hardcore for farming and the class quests are hard to do and require a ton of time. Some people do not have the time to do that quest but they have money. I can offer my services to make the class quest u hate to do. Prices : spoiler and crafter 25 euro the rest of the classes 20 euro Details on how we can do this on : SKYPE pkonstyle
  7. classic club 's is the site but the server is talking island when u enter.... i sell on classic club bro
  8. I got some toons to sell
  9. Bump! price 3.5 eu/10kk for a amount of 100kk at least 200kk for 65 euro best deal around!!! SOLD THERE IS NO DEAL ATM CLASSIC CLUB 3x
  10. Lineage 2 classic is one of th best games around. It lacks in the graphics department but it make up for the diversity in classes. One of the best reasons for playing this game is the fact that you need teamwork to level up and make adena. Other MMORGs are based in alot of solo time. I want to get things straight i am not a reseller, i do not surf this forum to buy cheap toons and adena to resell them at a profit. I hate that! If you are a reseller please do not contact me! I try to farm as much adena as i can , clean adena not sold from other sellers. The same for the toons, i level my toons from lvl 1 and make the quests needed for class change. Now from my perspective, I am sure I am safer then others that buy and resell toons and adena. I am on from 06AM untill 10 PM (GMT+2) There is a small chance to get me on after 10 PM I verify this forum at least 2 times /day. It is easyer to get in contact with me via skype. SKELTH classic Bounty Hunter lvl 50 CLEAN 47 normal xp scrolls /20 medium xp scrolls 20 days sub WITH MAIL Shillien Elder lvl 51 CLEAN 18 normal xp scrolls 20 days sub WITH MAIL Elven Elder lvl 46 CLEAN 47 normal xp scrolls /20 medium xp scrolls/ 2 high xp scrolls no sub WITH MAIL Blade Dancer lvl 47 CLEAN no sub WITH MAIL SOLD Bounty Hunter lvl 52 CLEAN 28 days of sub WITH MAIL SOLD Shillien Elder lvl 49 C luxury staff /Karmian set / D jewels 28 days of sub WITH MAIL SOLD Prophet lvl 47 CLEAN 7 days of sub WITH MAIL SOLD Shillien Elder lvl 54 Stick of faith C grade / Karmian SET/ D jewels 10 days sub WITH MAIL SOLD Bounty Hunter lvl 54 War axe / Brigandine SET +3 / Luxury jewels 10 days sub WITH MAIL SOLD Shillien Elder lvl 50 mysterious sword C/Karmian set / D jewels 4 days of sub WITH MAIL SOLD Skype pkonstyle