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  1. pm here with offer in euro, only confirmed or vouched ppl.
  2. Up, either ADENA or Skrill, *(when u pm me, give me your offer, I don't respond to pm's What's the price - be serious, don't waste my time).
  3. Hi, I am selling chars with their first email(original), I am the owner of the accounts. The accounts go for sale, price can be discussed - if you want to buy more than 1 account, otherwise look for reference on maxcheaters. Proof can be provided it is the first email, also it means it's safer for you than just buying an account with changed email. Accepted form of payment: a) Skrill b) Adena *** PAYPAL not accepted. *** Levels are +/- which means +/- some % or at max 1level, more info available during purchase. -------------
  4. vouch for this guy, trusted ++++ rep
  5. epics and such for sale, I can also WTT items for adena if you prefer, Basically with what I've got for sale, you will be able to start at 'the top'. Though its worth quite a lot, but I am willing to sell it to you at a decent price, because I will be cashing out due to job I'm about to take. I will not be able to play any longer in the EU prime, so there's little incentive for me to stay on the server. The reason I will sell it cheaper is I'd like to sell it in bulk, if possible. If you're interested in starting on RPG and you would like to be able to compete at
  6. we can provide u with char or u can get ur own send me pm if interested cp prime 19-24 utc
  7. I'd like to recommend those guys, on time and always up to their game. It's a pro service. 100% delivery 100% speed 100% worth it I can totally recommend.