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  1. WTS SE 56 LVL WITH 147 NORMAL XP SCROLLS AND 12 HIGH XP SCROLLS GOOD NAME (TRADE FOR OTHER CHAR) 1) WL 66 LVL good name lvl 2 bacelet SOLD +450 daily coins (can be trade with other char ) Price adena 75kk naked Full B Geared 110kk 2) DA 55 lvl good name lvl 2 bracelet SOLD many talisman on same acount scavenger 26 lvl 10 day sub 1) HE 63 lvl Good name many talisman + toi lvl SOLD On same acount Gladi 49 lvl 8 days sub 2) Gladi 57.5 lvl Good name many talisman + toi lvl 1 Bracelet lvl 2 On same acount scavenger 37 lvl SOLD Elf fighter 36 lvl 15 days sub All a
  2. As the topic says wtt an account on skelth with a gladi 57 lvl and 50% naked many talismans only bracelet lvl2. 15 days remain sub. At the same account has an artisan 37 lvl And an elven scout 36 lvl Char has a good name Pm for more infos. Skype: captrj koutrou
  3. All went good He is one of top sellers Reccomend+++++
  4. As the topic say wtb SK 55 lvl + Bcs i get 1 time scammed i need photos from char. Msg for more infos no need items only char
  5. wtb blunt or sword +5 or more on l2 skelth Skype: CaptRj koutrou
  6. Wtb power lvl on skelth chars lvl 52 msg me price euro or adenna per lvl and time per lvl.
  7. Wts destroyer skelth 41 lvl 30 € 20 days sub
  8. Wtb dual sword C grade +++ on skelth msg with prices adenna or euro.
  9. All good and fast seller is very good ++++ from me