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  1. WTS Tyrant 70.99% with aden +7 Ruby jade diamond pearl lvl4 garnet 3
  2. As title says WC 60 lvl ----> 160 euro SOLD BD 63 lvl -----> 140 euro PR 63 lvl ------> 160 euro SOLD ADENA 1m / 3.5 euro SOLD
  3. WTB 6.5m adena for 30 euro at giran
  4. Warlock 50.60% lvl VIP 4 80 euro Account is back from 2006
  5. WTB 1m adena for 50 euro.only trusted ppl, otherwise you go first
  6. Cant you read?I said ''THAT TIME'' , not before 2 months.....
  7. no, i didnt gave my skype to anyone else beside you that time
  8. Be carefull all there is someone trying to scam people by using fake PUFA skype and claiming he is the original.ALWAYS check the original skype of pufa from here.have in mind its very similar This is the original: otherwise pufa is trying to scam from fake account(i doubt about it) i say that because in screen that the fake pufa skype send me, at the right corner at maxcheater its pufas account but i cant figure out if its photoshop or not. Here is the screen that this fake account send me if someone can tell. Also you can see the fake sky
  9. As title says Destroyer 66 lvl with destro 40 and tyrant 49 at same account for low raids 30 euro AW 58 lvl 20 euro BD 69 lvl with many 100% xp items 60 euro SOLD SWS 72 lvl with many 100% xp items 80 euro SOLD TK 75 lvl many scrolls 60 euro Necro 79 lvl 120 euros Shilien Elder 76 can go 77+ with xp tickets that has100 euro SOLD Tyrant 78 lvl 50 euro Cardinal 78.50% 120 euro Bladedancer 79 lvl 150 euro Super Othell Rune 11 100 euro !!! SOLD Toi Talisman VI 250 euro !!! SOLD
  10. trusted buyer.did trade with him all went good
  11. If this guy did recall on account, he is dickhead.But i just want to say and ask to everyone of you that reads this post not to be like him.There is no point to open such war.I've sold around 3-4 accounts to enemies, but i didnt and never will recall it.When you make a deal you must have the balls and the honor to keep that deal. Here its trading site, leave ingame diferences outside. I expect from his 'enemies' ingame not to start a recall war.Otherwise you are like him. As for mastro, i expect him to give back an SPS 75 or higher lvl and all lost items from this account.Othe