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  1. Hi all, Looks like a recall war has broken out between some of the big RMT clans on Skelth. A few accounts already hit, others still being reported. Beware of these sellers: http://www.maxcheaters.com/profile/149411-mastro/ <--- Confirmed Recaller Source Account on MaxCheaters More to be added as I get **CONFIRMED** sellers, no speculation guys. Feel free to help out by reporting only confirmed scammers/recallers in this thread.
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to sell my geared level 70 Tyrant. 70 Tyrant Naked with 40 AQ Sorc - 350 EURO +6 Dragon Grinders (Othell 8) - 350 EURO Combo Tyrant & Dragon Grinders - 600 EURO Some more details: -750 Attendance Coins (Choose your own hat!) -19 High Scrolls, 22 Regular -Many level up rewards untaken (Exp Rune, Raid Jewels, rune of boost) - +6 Dragon Grinders (Highest Dragon Grinders on server) - Good reputation -Level 2 almost level 3 bracelet -Geared level 40 AQ Sorc at AQ ready for raid on same account If you're interested add me Skype: l2classic33@gmail.com
  3. Solid trust worthy seller. :)