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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Kara Kara 04/17/2022 I bought several mods, all of which worked 100%, I hope to hire a new service, I am very satisfied with your delivery. demzyraggaa demzyraggaa
NevesOma NevesOma 03/27/2022 Bought several effects from him, outstanding work! Fast delivery and even gave me discount, what a nice guy. Every time again <3 Eldamar Eldamar
Kara Kara 03/24/2022 Bought a java mod from him, fast delivery, nice communication.. would buy again :) Eldamar Eldamar
Kara Kara 03/15/2022 trusted and the best! KingJK KingJK
BruT BruT 03/04/2022 Great DEV! Cheap, Fast, Skilled, Trusted! Really nice guy to work with! I just recommend him for everyone. Thank you Brut ;) Good luck! Celsas Celsas
Celestine Celestine 03/03/2022 I bought Chaos Interface from celestine and what can I say .. definitely worth the money. Fast Delivery, beautiful work.. anytime again :) Eldamar Eldamar
Eldamar Eldamar 02/28/2022 Amazing and friendly fellow , professional and polite . I recomend with trust. Terminal Terminal
BruT BruT 02/20/2022 Good dev , fixed problems that other's left fast & cheap quality service , i look forward to see more of he's work. JavaLand JavaLand
BruT BruT 02/20/2022 First of all a good guy! Also an expert developer..... He made me a good work for my server and a cheap prices! I recommend this guy 100% success on his service! L2Euria L2Euria
@IcathiaLord @IcathiaLord 02/16/2022 Trusted and Skilled, Absolutely recommended. Ignorius Ignorius
Ave Ave 02/09/2022 Very good and functional updater, Fast delivery without any problems or suspicious trademarks. I recommended! Voldoman Voldoman
Amenadiel Amenadiel 02/04/2022 Trusted guy and reasonable. A client you wished you can have, straight forward deal without any problems. Psyancy Psyancy
NevesOma NevesOma 02/02/2022 Perfect job! Fast and good comunication. 100% trusted person. Vitel Vitel
KejbL KejbL 01/30/2022 Trusted and good guy :D takecare takecare
KejbL KejbL 01/30/2022 Trusted and very cool person Celestine Celestine
etc etc 01/19/2022 quickly and efficiently, I recommend it. iPwned iPwned
ThatSalem ThatSalem 01/17/2022 trusted person! Celestine Celestine
@IcathiaLord @IcathiaLord 12/21/2021 Very Nice Dev/Seller He is even helping me set it up! bustacapncrunch bustacapncrunch
@IcathiaLord @IcathiaLord 12/14/2021 Trusted and good Person, his support and his work is awesome, Recommended for sure! Ophelia Ophelia
Seamless Seamless 12/13/2021 Great and reliable services Eldamar Eldamar
InTheEndॐ InTheEndॐ 10/31/2021 Fast and trusted! @IcathiaLord @IcathiaLord
citygamer citygamer 10/16/2021 Trusted e-itemz e-itemz
e-itemz e-itemz 10/16/2021 nice trader citygamer citygamer
iPerfect iPerfect 09/16/2021 Trusted 100% Celestine Celestine
StinkyMadness StinkyMadness 09/12/2021 Trusted and skilled speed guy! Thanks stinky! KingJK KingJK

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