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  1. Discord is not exist... Dont answer in message... why?
  2. So finde someone who can do it? I need something that also, who can do it and how much it cost?
  3. Hello Photoshop masters! Im lf people who can make cool L2 WEB Design! If you acool you got work for other stuff, make loading sceens, logos, updaters, wallpapers, baners, and other new images ;) LF just Perfect! Skype: minzeeninzee
  4. Hello Seling Antharas/Valakas/Baium/Aq and Adena pm with offers in skype: minzeeninzee
  5. Hello, im lf cool Graphic Designers, need to make logo, wallpaper, loading screen and others, pm me in skype: minzeeninzee
  6. Hi, you must repaint map image :) all town maps is in \SysTextures\L2Font-e.utx file ;)
  7. I dont know how to say it in words :) but i make a image, maybe you understand something ;)
  8. WTS CORE ADENA HAVE: 10kkk at this moment...
  9. Hi, i have ISS elven 99lvl 73% + 2 sub 80lvl ir 73lvl... ~1000 Daily Coints, ~130000 Mentee Mark, ~400 Energy Destruction, common shadow dualai +6, i can leave heavy +6 eternal set + metall app + shield, Juwes = 0 :D Also have more than 10kkk aden and other shit in wh. If you want it just say what you can pay :) Brw i can sold only adena ;)