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  1. Even his on the start on mxc , what i can say about him is that Hyper is one of the best developers , and the most important thing is that his a very good person. Is truly a shame that this kind of things happening but we must never forget that scammers exist and when you do a sell / or buy check first those people background.
  2. ohh i see i will be careful from now thanks for advice Nightw0lf , have fun GSL :p
  3. Hy there i decided to share something even is not a big deal , but i already shared on sunrise . Put the following line on requestexenchantitemattribute.class Elementals oldElement = item.getElemental(elementToAdd); int elementValue = oldElement == null ? 0 : oldElement.getValue(); int limit = getLimit(item, stoneId); int powerToAdd = getPowerToAdd(stoneId, elementValue, item); // if ((item.isWeapon() && (oldElement != null) && (oldElement.getElement() != elementToAdd) && (oldElement.getElement() != -2)) || (item.isArmor() &
  4. We are glad to announce the new coming of L][ Gatotcha Gracia Final (CT 2.3 Pride style) Server Features : Max lvl 95 Custom skills/Custom items /Custom zones All classes can be use in game for pvp and for farm (support class in a party is a must) Custom pvp reward + chance to get your items enchanted random at pvp kill Custom zone with S grade restrictions Subclass system ( for example if you are dark elf you can go and add elf subclass) Dress me Premium system Rebirth System Custom start zone Tier items Custom head acc