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Best client modifications services by NevesOma

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Hi to all!





My services for client editing:



  1. Creating a unique armor (any difficulty).
  2. The development of weapons (any difficulty, with effects, animated).
  3. Development of accessories, hats, wings, aura, any additions (any difficulty, animated accessories).
  4. Development of any NPC (any difficulty, with effects).
  5. Development of logos, downloaders, banners, icons, splash screens, any graphic works!
  6. And many - many!  About additional services you can be write me in Skype.




Are you interested? - Write me in Skype now! Contact me in PM or Skype ( Support_La2-Pro ) or ICQ ( 634024371 ).






Qualitatively, fast, reliable, unique! Everything is done with 3D copyrights and protection. All on your taste.














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UPD: Added a mini-portal of L2J-MOD.RU platform.  All my shares will be available there for download.

All is free.

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Bought wings for H5 client. Had a small trouble, but Nevesoma helped me.



Thank you


Regards, Wales

Thanks! :)

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you seriously use a cartoon of a north korean soldier as your discount banner

No. It's a russian banner. :) 23 feb. -  It's a international celebration in Russia.

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