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  1. br_014 this is the class name in lineageskillEffect u not the texture
  2. in shiterlude its either in l2ui l2ui ch3 l2font
  3. sequence name must match char sequence name too also look for example on how contristo hammer is made or sacredium
  4. vouch for this server
  5. the screen shows otherwise and there is a obvious error which is not icons but the setData
  6. this is very wrong. the solution is in setItemGrp or whatever its called
  7. because there is no ddf for -tw only -eu and -ru, you should be able to copy the same structure and work
  8. man its the same doesnt matter what pack only classic/goddess
  9. as much as i dislike interlude i can say raidfight gracia was a great server and i can assume this one would be too