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Hello MaxCheaters users.

I'm back doing actively designs!




Services I can provide:

  • Server or Brand Logos. - Starting Price: 10€
  • Advertisement Banner. (Animated or Static) - Starting Price: 5€
  • Social Banners & Covers. - Starting Price: 15€
  • L2 NPC Images. (Logo, Buttons, Backgrounds) - Starting Price: 15€
  • L2 Loading & Splash Screens. - Starting Price: 15€
  • HTML Designs. (Community Boards & Npcs) - Starting Price For NPC: 5€ - For Community Board: 50€
  • Forum & Web Designs. - Web Starting Price: 30€ - Forum: 20€


How to contact me:

  • DM me here.
  • Discord: Psyancy#9002


Payment Methods:

  • PayPal
  • Crypto

Price will depend on the amount of the order. VIP, Legendary and Staff Members will have a 15% Discount.





pMHPRsx.gif DREEW1l.gif rHGDhT0.gif











Community Boards:



Topsites Banners:

MfhKErY.pngoSK2tCo.png 99KbPzc.pngpufWXpo.png

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4 minutes ago, Iwanoff said:

I think you should write price for all of your service's as the other ppl and because this is a rule.

I wrote about prices. It's not a generic price, I can't charge someone for a simple logo and a complex logo design for example the same price.

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53 minutes ago, splicho said:

Any previews of your previous work?

Really bro? XD I do have some of them, I have to upload them some time.


18 minutes ago, Red-Hair-Shanks said:

skilled and trusted person !!

Thanks buddy!

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9 hours ago, splicho said:

xD You better add some because otherwise people don't see your skills

Yeah, I know. It's just that I wanted to make the topic first.


9 hours ago, Celestine said:

Trusted 🙂

Thanks brother 🙂 

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46 minutes ago, Strain said:

I would also like to see some recent previews of your work

I got some but I can't put them all here, the spoil system for some reason isn't working and the hide feature makes it available only for premium users so.. I will upload some of my new works soon.

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3 hours ago, splicho said:

Just upload them at imgur and make an album bro, alternatively you can use deviantart or behance

True. I'll use the first method. thanks bud

Added some previews on Main Page.

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