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  1. If u have at least 15k euro for start and promotion, It's not hard. If u get real online close to 1000 for 4-6 months it's profitable
  2. WHOLESALE PRICES (We delivery adena to resellers as R33team, adena-vip.com) OFFICIAL SERVER GLUDIO/GIRAN (classic) Lineage2.com contact skype: e-itemz contact facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eitemzz/ Payments: paypal and wmtransfer Adena Stock Gludio: 0KK Adena Stock Giran: 0KK ITEMS: BOW OF PERIL(Gludio) SAMURAI LONG SWORD(Gludio) BERSEKER BLADE(Gludio) BLUE WOLF HEAVY SET(Gludio) BW heavy set/ Doom heavy set 150 usd AVADON HEAVY SET(Gludio) 35 usd ZUBEI HEAVY SET(Gludio) 35 usd Demon's Dagger (Gludio) 100 usd Bellion Cestus (Gludio) 120 usd Fisted Blade+12 + othell 4 (Gludio) 200 usd Storm*Storm+10 (Gludio) 130 usd Services: EXP 1-40 + quests 50$ EXP 40-52 1kk exp -0,6$ EXP 52-70 1kk exp -0,5$ (Big discounts if u have exp boosts) quest for 1st prof - 5$ quest for 2nd prof - 20$