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[WEB] Advanced Account Control Panel [L2J Only]

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After a long time missing from the scene i decided to join again and finish with my acp development 

Platform Characteristics

  • Fully responsive website
  • Lightweight and SEO friendly optimized

Authentication System

  • Google recaptcha protection
  • Login/Registration/Password Reset


  • General server statistics(Online players, GMs Online, Total Accounts, Total Clans)
  • Detailed player's latest actions

Character Services

  • Unstuck character
  • Change character name 
  • Change race 
  • Increase clan level

Server Statistics

  • Detailed informations about players/raidbosses/clans


  • Secure payment gateway which uses PayPal API (more payment ways can be added)



Q: Why to use the platform?

A: The platform is developed in a way where it doesn’t even requires to own a good hosting server or owning a bachelor in computer science, everything is configurable through a file, last but not least I will always be there for questions as I provide lifetime support 


Q: What if i want to disable/enable or change something 

A: There is a file which handles the behaviour of the platform everything is configurable there


Q: Does the platform provides any security?

A: The platform is secured against most common attacks like HTTP FLOODING, XSS PROTECTION, SQL INJECTION ETC.


Q: I'm encountering problems using or installing the platform, will you help me?

A: Of course i will, you can always send me a pm on Discord which you will find below



  • Added change character name, change race, change sex, clear pk on character services


Starting price is 100 euro. Any request from the buyer will be charged as an extra service


Some extra features (ask me for a price)

  • Admin panel (Check players inventory, donation logs, apply penalty on players etc.)
  • Payment API integration
  • Inventory Viewer
  • Item Marketplace
  • Email verification for actions like registration, donation etc,



discord.png.7d4e3008937ace8c3be9a87d1daed380.png this.is.katara





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  • Katara512 changed the title to [WEB] Advanced Account Control Panel [L2J Only]

Yo lo utilizo el panel desde  hace muy poco y puedo decir que es muy cómodo de usar.
Además Amn3sia se peocupa por que todo esté en perfecto estado y hace facil la solución de cualquier inconveniente que surja.


De confianza y 100% recomendado.

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100% recommend @Amn3sia. Very easy to work with and fast services. I requested all services that are offered within this post and received in a fast and timely manner got the admin panel and control panel. Love the services and definitely 100% recommend for others to use. Very easy to configure.

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  • 2 months later...

Trusted, Recommended. Was quick to help resolve any issues that may of came up, assisted in how to use the panel as well. Go for the advanced panel if you can. Already have gotten an update for it with more updates to come.

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