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  1. server should start 10 minutes ago but is still offline, no info on forum or facebook from staff ...
  2. Subclass add level 40 Max 7 Class (Base +6 Subs) rly base +6 ? thats destroyed me
  3. yeah server is not bad but have no players, its sad
  4. server is dead .... 2 days online and ive seen 1 online player, me ...
  5. no website no enter, next server wich u cant join
  6. Yeah nice shit talk man, u can talk anythink u want, truth is ur server sucks, u ban with no reason and u talking about ban botters, how canu ban botters while u ban forum accounts bcuz u dont like when some1 is talking bad about ur server, full bot server thats the truth, all new players wil need 5 minutes too understand what iam talking about, gl with ur botplayers :) btw u wasnt online on server since start xD u are online on forum only for ban ppl accounts xD
  7. Server Fail xD new players leave fast same as old players, admin never online he use forum only and when u use forum for bug report u get jail for "spam" xD on 60 online real online is 20, players just botting rbs
  8. full bot and full corrupted server opens again xD interesting
  9. Server 100% adrenaline, 1 player kills all epics and custom raids xD