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  1. yeah box for seraph box for resists ... always make 1290483423854 boxes, also on pvp servers, greedy sad admins
  2. who cares about exp on x100 server, u just building pay2win server
  3. normal seraph 10 min premium 1h ? not fair
  4. why use google? lmao this forum is for such a thinks
  5. Beta works but not for everyone, me and my friends download client from cosmos site and patch, game login is down for all of us and 10 minutes before beta open it was up, staff dont even tried 2 help us, sad
  6. Its third time u r trying open server, i hope this time with success, cya at start
  7. server should start 10 minutes ago but is still offline, no info on forum or facebook from staff ...
  8. Subclass add level 40 Max 7 Class (Base +6 Subs) rly base +6 ? thats destroyed me
  9. yeah server is not bad but have no players, its sad
  10. server is dead .... 2 days online and ive seen 1 online player, me ...
  11. no website no enter, next server wich u cant join