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  1. Start today 19:00GMT+2
  2. Game Rates XP:1-61 x75 XP:61-76 x50 XP:76-80 x25 Skill Points: x75 Adena: x1 Drop: x5 Spoil: x5 Quest: x5-x10 Raid Drop: x5 Safe Enchant: +3 Maximum Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll Chance: 1-3 100% 4-7 60% 7-10 45% 10-16 20% Blessed Scroll Chance: 1-3 100% 4-7 60% 7-10 45% 10-16 20% Game Settings Multibox - 3 game instances per HWID Autopickup Buff Slots (24+4) Buff Duration (2h) 7d Olympiad Period (new heroes appear every Monday) Vote Reward System Dayli Reward System GM Shop up to B-Gr
  3. hello meybe someone have anti shot wh anti lag system for interlude?
  4. i can give newest bot if you crack it
  5. Server Website : Website Server Information: Exp Sp - x60 | Adena - x15 | DropItem - x15 | Spoil - x15 | Quest - x10 Game type: Craft-PVP. 24+4 Buff slot. Auto-learning skils. Offline Craft / Trade. Unique events. Max enchant to olympiad +7 Enchant:Max enchant +16\+10\+10 Buffer: FULL BUFF, without resist and pet buffer Time buffs - 2H. The opportunity to create their own profiles! Shop: Full to the B-grade In our store you will find all the necessary things! Unique shop for L2GRIND COIN Available only unique things of the world Aden! Mana potion reuse 5 sec and rest
  6. Can someone offer me a uniq website or some website reators?
  7. need to fix code from source i fix this but now mobs don't reduce dmg need to fix this