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  1. I tried to hack this, but suddenly i got a punch from monitor, and someone screamed THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!11
  2. Took a look, good job! It will be a good challenge to bypass this )
  3. Hahaha, every topic 'bout cracked adrenalin disappears like a miracle. WTF, admins? =)
  4. Well known antivirus "Bkav" changed his opinion in a hour, just like my girlfriend does :\
  5. Look official changes for info. Also you can use maps with this and Windows 8.1 will not cause problems.
  6. Adrenalin bot v.1.71 cracked Usage: 1. Run start.exe 2.Click "Start" 3.Run adsmon2.exe and select adrenalin exe file 4.Do not close adsmon2.exe until you finished botting (the bot will re-check keys every ~3-5 hours) To improve security do the following steps: 1. Rename ALL exe files (including adsmon2.exe) to whatever you want 2. Open key.txt file and change 6-9 symbols of EACH key (which is "AAAA" now), use only upper case symbols. This will rename bot window Download link: http://rghost.ru/8XQTgFCpc Virustotal link: https://www.virustotal.com/file/c53af5965ddffaa1
  7. http://rghost.ru/92DmYznLz Cracked english version 1.66 will work on Windows 8.1, maps will work too
  8. Hahaha man, you already using my application as seen on your video, did u lost something? ) And the most intresting question is where did you get it?
  9. By the way, you can use maps with this crack
  10. Very strange, it's almost the same code, gonna fix tomorrow.
  11. Gonna check what's wrong with this system. Is you system 64 or 32?