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  1. L2 ELPY is the ultimate C4 server, providing a high quality and long-term gaming experience. The opinion of the players is very important for us, that's why when we created the server we took into account all the elements for a good gameplay. Read full details below. C4 Bartz - Rates XP SP Adena Drop Spoil Quest Reward Raid Boss Drop Epic Boss Drop Safe Enchant Max Enchant Normal Enchant Scroll x12 x10 x10 x10 x9 x5 x1 x1 3 21 68% Gameplay Auto loot (except for Raid Boss) Auto learning skills Newbie Starter Packs Weight limit is increased by 1.5x Restriction: up to 3 online windows per IP Mana Potion: 500 MP / 3 minutes reuse time Equipment NO custom weapons / armors C grade armors (including top C) available in luxury shop for crystals C grade weapons in luxury shop (retail) B grade armor recipes (including top) in GM shop Low B weapon recipes in GM shop Buffs NPC Buffer (only Prophet / SE buffs) NPC Buff duration: 2 hours Buff slots: 30 Skills Fully working C4 skills (including Switch and Trick) Sweep Festival implemented Added Zealot for Destroyer and Tyrant classes Quests First & Second Class Transfers available via NPC Third Class Transfer requires retail quest Increased drop rates for the following quests: Exploration of the Giant’s Cave Part 1 and 2 Illegitimate Child of a Goddess Legacy of Insolence Yoke of the past Whisper of Dreams Part 1 and 2 Relics Of The Old Empire Gather the Flames Supplier of Reagents Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force (improved pouch drop) A necromancer’s Request Mimir’s Elixir Path Of A Noblesse Possessor Of A Precious Soul (all quest item drops increased) The Finest Food Increased drop chance for the following quests: War with the Varka Silenos War with the Ketra Orcs Epic Raid Bosses Respawn time: retail Ring of Core: Added Increased Atk. Spd. and P.Atk. Earring of Orfen: Added Increased Casting Spd. and M. Atk. Olympiad Olympiad is every two weeks New heroes on Sunday Hero weapons are not allowed in Olympiad matches Olympiad requires 10 minimum participants to start Everything else is retail Events TvT Event - every 2 hours (Reward: 6 Nectar on Win / 3 Nectar on Draw & Loss) Community Raid Event every 5 hours Squash Event - our unique concept of this event is available via NPC John in Giran Commands List (.commands) .epic (epic raid boss status and respawn time) .bank .deposit .withdraw .tvtjoin .vote .expon .expoff
  2. Professional and trusted seller. I have bought a launcher from him in under 30 minutes. He is fast and reliable. He even helped me understanding the process of updating from one patch to another. Will definitely work with him in the future! Recommended 100% guys.