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  1. This is F'ing cool !!! I was looking for a working c5 patched system folder for ages ,without any luck. Thanks a lot mate and a big KUDOS to you. :)
  2. What project is the server using / based on ?
  3. LMAO You guys really trying to sell custom mods with 10 code lines for 10-30 bucks ? You and the people who buy that shit must be really short minded.
  4. DnR is probably the coolest project developer i've ever seen. If anyone gets offended by his words or offending him in any way, must really have some mental issues. #NoOffense
  5. Keep up the great work m8. I know you wont give up. Thanks for the best L2 project.
  6. C5 patched system is wrong..., Its the C4 one... Care to upload a working one for C5 ?
  7. Nothing new here lol There were plenty of PK-Free servers out there few years ago. Anyways.....server won't last long. You'll loose players sooner or later. L2 Community nowadays is full with PVP addicted kids. And making it a "sub-stack" make things even worse.^^
  8. TheOne created L2DC. I was part of the team for few years. Evilus was the last project leader. To bad they stopped developing it.
  9. L2-Reunion is back ! Im happy to announce the comeback of our beloved oldschool type chronicle 4 server. We spend lot of time fixing and testing stuff to bring you a retail like L2 gameplay you all loved back in 2006. Lots of improvements have been made the last couple of weeks. These include: -monster ai/stats/skills -geodata + pathfinding -quest scripts -summons/pets/cubics ai -and lot more. Please check our website and forum to learn more about the server. We are back, and better then ever. Http://www.l2-reunion.net Server features: Intel Core i7-4770 32 GB DDR3 RAM 2 x 2 TB SATA 6 Gb/s HDD 1 GBit/s-Port Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Scions of Destiny (C4) Rates: ------ * XP/SP 5x * Party Bonus 30% * Drop 5x * Adena 5x * Raid Boss Drop 5x * Grand Boss Jewelry drop 1x * Spoil: material 1x chance, 5x amount rest 5x chance, 1x amount Features: ----------- * Buff Times : retail like * Enchant Rates : retail like * Full Geodata and Pathfinding * Full working Olympiad * All C4 locations and raids * c4 - Fishing * c4 - Baby Pets * c4 - Skill enchanting * c4 - 3rd Profession skills and quests Oldschool C4 gameplay : ----------------------- * No Vitality System * No Herbs * No Common Items * No Shadow Items * No Masterwork crafts Custom additions: ----------------- * Increased drop rates for vital quests * Newbie buffs till lv 40 * Quest Item seller (1st and 2nd class) * Adventurers/Travelers weapons * Offline trading/crafting * Ingame droplist (shift+left click) * Manually enable/disable XP gain (.expon / .expoff) * Spoil message in party chat Http://www.l2-reunion.net