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  1. share topic with password protected content... irony? thats the meaning of "greate share" :D
  2. same check must be applied if character "crash" and thread is still running will end up with NPE
  3. every torrent i download didnt include latest updates :(
  4. Does any one have a link for lineage 2 h5 fully updated client? every link i got so far was not complete Thanks in advance
  5. sorry if i post in wrong section does anyone have interlude ai.obj decompiled? thanks in advance!
  6. Hello community i would like to know if someone knows what this function does in few off scripts myself->LookItem(450, 20, -1); and what those params stands for example: range? radius? item id? Thanks in advance
  7. yes yes antivirus is the problem unistall it and will fix problem
  8. did you try to turn off your antivirus? that worked for me
  9. Hello everyone, i managed to parse retail scripts from c++ to java and create one java project that simulates 100% retail features etc i would like to know which npcs are extra in high five chronicle from freya Here is an example in what i am working on ps. i will not share it or sell, i would like to know only which monsters added in H5 after freya Thanks for your time!